Dave by the Bell: Snow Day Plans?

Appalachian State students share their big (and not so big) snow day plans!


  • Dave: And hello once again everybody. It’s me Dave Blanks from Dave on the Mall. It is really cold outside today and the windchill tomorrow is going to be some incredibly low degree. I think the daytime high is definitely single digits. I don’t know I probably should have looked at the weather before I did this intro. But any way...it’s very cold outside and classes are cancelled for Thursday this week. So that means...SNOW DAY! That means students have some free time on their hands and so we’re asking them, “Hey! What are your big snow day plans?” So lets find out what they had to say.

    Voice 1: Well for the snow day I’m just gonna lay in bed and watch Netflix and not get outa my dorm.

    Voice 2: I’m gonna take it easy. I’m gonna focus on some music and do absolutely nothing academic hahaha.

    Voice 3: Probably Netflix and playing guitar.

    Voice 4: Probably build another snowman and go sledding.

    Voice 5: Well, I was going to say roll around in the snow and like sled and stuff but it is gonna be like a high of zero so I’ll probably just like hang out inside and talk to people and just maybe watch some movies.

    Dave: Study?

    Voice 5: (long pause) Perhaps..hahaha.

    Dave: Okay. So what are your big snowday plans for tomorrow?

    Voice 6: Sleep in...hahaha...and sledding hopefully if the weather isn’t that bad.

    (wind blowing)

    Dave: So cold. It’s more like frostbite on the mall. There’s nobody out here! Why don’t we check out the student union.

    Voice 7: Well for the snow day I’m going to fix my resume and spend the entire day on linkedin.

    Voice 8: I plan to work on a paper. I have a phone interview at one for a volunteer position. Then I probably will watch a movie. I hate being cooped up but when Netflix is there it’s all right.

    Voice 9: My big snowday plans? Probably going sledding and im gonna sleep in and im gonnna stay up all night. Thats about it. hahaha.

    Voice 10: Catch up on alot of homework and do some studying.

    Dave: Nothing fun?

    Voice 10: Maybe watch some Netflix.

    Voice 11: Probably sleep in. Wake up. Procrastinate about cleaning my room. Procrastinate about starting my homework.Then go eat. Thats pretty much it!

    Dave: No sledding or any outdoor activities of any sort?

    Voice 11: Maybe I guess so. It depends on who wants to sled in my dorm.

    Voice 12: For the snowday I’m probably gonna go sledding and watch movies with my roomates.

    Voice 13: well for the snowday I really need to catch up on alot of research for a paper so hopefully I’m just gonna take advantage of all of the free time to get caught up on work and not have to work so hard this weekend.

    Dave: Responsible snow day plans!

    Voice 13: Trying to be for sure.

    Dave: Good answer. Thanks man. I appreciate it…. Lets take it back outside.

    Voice 14: Reading. Reading for classes. Homework!

    Dave: awww gahhhh.

    Voice 14:Yeah. Boring I know. But you know...the collegiate life.

    Voice 15: Um well I’m actually about to attempt to build an igloo with the Quidditch team. Quid-Gloo Year Two.

    Dave: Are you on the Quidditch team?

    Voice 15: I am I’m the vice president of the Quidditch team.

    Dave: The Apparators?

    Voice 15: Mmmmhmmmm that’s us the Appalachian Apparators.

    Dave: Okay so ummm. You guys...what’s the deal with the world cup? What’s the deal with that?

    Voice 15: It’s coming up in April we qualified back in November. We’ll be competing against some of the best teams in the United States. Right now we’re rasing money for funds to go to World Cup because there are fees associated with getting there. You can help us out by going to our indiegogo page. If you search for the Appalachian Apparators Indiegogo you should see help us get to World Cup.

    Voice 16: For tomorrow the snow day I will probably do homework and catch up with friends.

    Voice 17: Maybe sledding and then Kalua and hot cocoa.

    Voice 18: Ummm well I I just love walking around going in the woods and seeing the snow on the trees and yeah it’s just I think it’s really beautiful. I just like walking in the snow alot.

    Dave: Any particular place you like to check out usually.

    Voice 18: Boone Greenway? You know that trail? That’s really awesome there are alot of like hidden trails over there in the woods. It’s good to get out you know I feel so lucky we got so much snow. It’s really amazing.

    Dave: Me to man. Thanks for your answer. Have a good day man.

    Voice 18: Oh you too. Nice to meet you...Dave?

    Voice 19: Dave...So there you have it folks. Some reasonably responsible students. Some not as responsible. Netflix...Studying...Netflix and Netflix. I’m Dave and that was Dave on the Mall.

    Thanks to: Lee, Zach, Blake, Yaninsa, Olivia, Nakim, Calli, Haley, Terry, Cree, Stephen, Larry, Iesha, Jake, kaylee, cherie, Ashley, Alec and Rebecca.