Dave by the Bell: Springtime Excitement

It's officially Spring! What are Appalachian State University students excited about for the coming season?


  • Dave: Well hello again ladies and gentlemen. It’s me Dave Blanks from University Communications and I’m back once again with a Dave by the Bell to ask students what they’re looking forward to about spring. What are you excited about. Lets find out what they had to say.

    Voice 1: I’m really looking forward to hiking and going to the mountains all over the place on trails and stuff.

    Dave: Is there any particular place that’s your favorite place to hike?

    Voice 1: Hebron…it’s like the natural playground that God has given us so I’m super excited about it.

    Voice 2: I’m looking forward to camping.

    Voice 3: Greek Week is pretty awesome and Greek Games which will be fun but…

    Dave: When is that?

    Voice 3: I have absolutely no idea!

    Dave: Coming right up right?

    Voice 3: Coming up maybe 2 weeks…3 weeks something like that.

    Voice 4: Yeah I’m looking forward to dry pavement and warm weather so I can long board.

    Dave: So you can long board? Is that how you get around everywhere?

    Voice 4: yeah

    Dave: You get to class that way?

    Voice 5: yes

    Dave: You travel around town that way?

    Voice 5: No.

    Dave: Okay Okay so you’re not one of the guys that’s in the middle of the highway on your long board?

    Voice 5: Absolutely not.

    Dave: Cause that’s dangerous!

    Voice 5: Yes.

    Dave: Good Answers.

    Voice 6: For this spring I’m really looking forward to like my family reunion.

    Dave: Do you have a big family?

    Voice 6: Yeah. Whenever we get together we have to get a large venue and it’s just a bunch of area to grill. It’ll be amazing because I get to see family members that I haven’t seen in months.

    Voice 7: What I’m looking forward to this spring is going hiking because it’ll be warm weather. And just spending a lot of time outside and hanging with friends.

    Dave: Where do you like to hike?

    Voice 7: I like Rough Ridge. I like looking at the waterfalls and stuff like that.

    Dave: have you taken the obligatory Rough Ridge picture where you’re like out on that rock? Have you done that?

    Voice 7: I’ve taken it like 3 times.

    Voice 8: I’m excited about hiking and hammocking.

    Voice 9: I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and no snow.

    Voice 10: I’m really looking forward to just seeing everybody out on the Sanford Mall again. I remember right at the start of last semester everyone is outside everyone is got their ENOs everyone is doing picnics and stuff and it’s like, “This is why I came here! I love this!”

    Voice 11: Well I’m really excited about getting my ENO out of the closet and hanging it up on the Parkway.

    Dave: Is there any particular place on the Parkway that you like to hang out?

    Voice 11: Beacon Heights mostly.

    Voice 12: Ummm pretty much the same as anyone else. Just you know just chilling out in my ENO or just being able to walk to classes without having to bundle up.

    Voice 13: I’m looking forward to Easter and spending time with my family in Disney World.

    Voice 14: Just be outdoors in ENOs and hanging around outside with friends.

    Voice 15: I’m pretty excited about going on runs again. It’s been a while. I used to run cross-country in high school and unfortunately there’s not a running club here. So I’m pretty excited about getting back out there though and just kind of enjoying the weather.

    Voice 16: I’m mostly excited to get outside and go hiking some more I really miss that. Since winter we’ve kind of been cooped up inside so I’m really excited for warmer weather.

    Dave: Is there a particular place you like hiking?

    Voice 16: Hebron

    Voice 17: I’m looking forward to green trees. I’m pretty excited to go hiking anywhere on the Blue Ridge.

    Voice 18: I’m looking forward to being able to be outside without wearing six layers of clothes and freezing to death.

    Voice 19: I really look forward to sunshine. That’s a big part of my life and outdoor adventures…hiking waterfalls…and even just driving on the parkway with the windows down. It’s good stuff.

    Voice 20: I’m looking forward to the flowers and everything being so green.

    Voice 21: I really love the plant growth and the birds and animals come out and it’s really nice.

    Voice 22: I’m just looking forward to better weather because I’m from California so.

    Dave: Awww man! How long have you been here in Boone?

    Voice 22: It’s been a while. It’s been five years.

    Dave: And you’re not acclimated yet?

    Voice 22: haha noooo I still miss the surfing and stuff.

    Voice 23: Hmmmmm The river.

    Dave: Which river?

    Voice 24: Boone…no it’s not Boone.

    Dave: Watauga?

    Voice 24: Watauga I guess?

    Dave: New River?

    Voice 24: You know whatever goes through Price Park. I’m thinking of Hebron Rock Colony.

    Dave: Hebron

    Voice 24: Boone Beach!

    Dave: I’ve never heard it called that.

    Voice 24: Yeah. Huge boulders…you lay out on them. Better than sand.

    Dave: So okay let me ask you where do you park when you go to Hebron?

    Voice 24: Price Park

    Dave: You park and you hike in. Used to be…you could park beside it but…

    Voice 24: Riiiiiight Right now they’re towing and people say you can park near the dam but I wouldn’t suggest that. You know you just gotta be ready.

    Dave: It’s not that far.

    Voice 24: No. I mean if you’ve hiked more than 2 miles you can handle it. You’ll be all right.

    Dave: Thanks for your answer. That was great. I appreciate it.

    Dave: So there you have it folks. Fine answers one and all. They didn’t exactly blow my mind. I mean it kind of makes sense. Of course everybody just wants to get outside. They want it to be warmer. That’s what they’re looking forward to. ENO hammocks and Sanford mall and hiking and going rough ridge and Hebron and all that cool stuff that draws people to the High Country. Thanks so much to everyone for his or her answers. I’m Dave Blanks and folks I will talk to you next time on another exciting edition of Dave by the Bell.

    Thanks to: Alexa, Joey, Danielle, John, Jamal, Megan, Laurie, Madison, Eli, Gina, Liz, Brent, Tommy, Kimber, Belva, Cameron, Kendra, Ryan, Justin, Charlotte, Taylor, Sarah, Ulysses and Travis