Dave by the Bell: Favorite Rainy Day Movie

Dave asks Appalachian State University students for their recommendations for best rainy day movies.


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    Dave: Hey Folks! Dave Blanks here from University Communications back with another Dave by the Bell. On today’s edition, I ask students to put themselves in this hypothetical situation. So…You’re stuck at your house. It’s raining outside. You want to watch a movie. You’re flipping though Netflix or whatever video service provider you subscribe to or maybe even cable. Whatever it is. You’re looking for a movie to watch and then…there it is. You’ve seen it before. You’ve seen it plenty of times. But, you could always watch it and enjoy it. What is your go-to rainy day movie? Let’s find out what they had to say.

    Voice 1: I’d probably have to say Forest Gump or something with Mark Wahlberg in it I would watch that. Anything with Mark Wahlberg in it I would watch any day all day.

    Voice 2: I never get tired of watching Star Wars.

    Dave: Okay which particular Star Wars?

    Voice 2: The original trilogy.

    Dave: How do you feel about George Lucas’s additions to the original?

    Voice 2: They suck.

    Voice 3: Zoolander for sure. It’s just so funny. He’s really stupid and hilarious.

    Dave: What’s your favorite part of Zoolander?

    Voice 3: Probably when he’s just smashing the computer and he’s like, “It’s in the computer.” Hahaha

    Voice 4: It might be A Christmas Story. It’s a movie that I watched a lot when I was little. It still hasn’t gotten old. Every Christmas I just go to it or if I want to watch it I’ll Google it.

    Dave: So you watch it even when it’s not Christmas time?

    Voice 4: Yup. All year round.

    Dave: What’s your favorite line?

    Voice 4: “I can’t feel my arms!” When his arms was stuck.

    Dave: Randy there? Yeah.

    Voice 5: TV show or movie?

    Dave: I’m trying to get just movies.

    Voice 5: Hmmmmm okay. Lord of the Rings

    Dave: Which one of the three is your favorite?

    Voice 5: I’ll say the last one. The Return of the King.

    Voice 6: I like Transformers.

    Dave: Really? Okay. Are you a big Shia LaBeouf fan?

    Voice 6: Uhh yeah. He kinda went off the wall but…

    Dave: Yeah He’s a little crazy but how do you feel about that Sia video with him?

    Voice 6: Art is art. That’s all I can say about that one.

    Voice 7: Pitch Perfect I think would be mine. The humor like the story line just can’t get old.

    Dave: Rebel Wilson is hilarious.

    Voice 7: Oh I love her. She’s great so yeah.

    Voice 8: Silence of the Lambs just because I really like Thriller/Mystery type deal.

    Dave: That’s pretty heavy. You could watch Silence of the Lambs anytime?

    Voice 8: Yeah I could! I really like that movie I don’t know I just I…

    Dave: Do you like Red Dragon and Hannibal?

    Voice 8: I’ve seen Hannibal but I haven’t seen Red Dragon.

    Dave: Red Dragon is awesome. There’s also a series that’s on Amazon Prime now that’s about Hannibal when he was younger.

    Voice 8: Oh really?? I’ll check it out.

    Dave: Check it out!!!

    Voice 9: Okay what do I like that’s a really…

    Voice 10: (interrupting) You like Mean Girls

    Voice 9: Oh shoot yeah!!!

    Dave: What is it?

    Voice 10: Her’s is mean girls. That’s not mine I don’t watch that. Mine’s Disturbia.

    Voice 9: Oh that’s a good one too.

    Dave: That’s Shia LaBeouf right?

    Voice 10: yeah

    Dave: Cool…what do you like about Mean Girls?

    Voice 9: Everything? Is that even a question?

    Dave: All right…what was yours again?

    Voice 10: Disturbia.

    Dave: Why do you like Disturbia? Just because of Shia LaBeouf?

    Voice 10: Noooooo. I really like horror movies and it’s very suspenseful so I like that.

    Voice 11: Ewwwwww. My go to rainy time any day movie? Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a good one. I really like that one I used to watch that one a lot with my family.

    Voice 12: Probably a Disney movie but I don’t know which specifically. If you’re just chillin’ and relaxing and you don’t have anything to do…

    Dave: That’s a nice positive thing to have on the TV…Now are you talking about the classic stuff like The Fox and the Hound and Junglebook or are you talking more recent?

    Voice 12: Well not that old.

    Dave: All right so Finding Nemo.

    Voice 12: Yeah. Finding Nemo that’s a good happy family story.

    Dave: cause I talked to a girl who wanted to watch Silence of the Lambs anytime.

    Voice 12: yeah I hear something about a horror movie. I don’t like those

    Voice 13: White Chicks. My roommate and I always watch it. It’s kind of our thing.

    Dave: What is your favorite White Chicks line?

    Voice 13: Ummm hehehe Probably the one where she’s like, “Oh my God. I’m going to have a B.F.” Then she like freaks out on them…I really enjoyed it.

    Voice 14: Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze.

    Dave: Oh yeah man! Okay so why do you love Roadhouse?

    Voice 14: Oh God. I mean it’s Pat Swayze. You can’t not love Pat Swayze.

    Dave: Rest in Peace Pat Swayze.

    Voice 14: R.I.P.

    Voice 15: Probably Inception because that’s my favorite movie and I love Christopher Nolan’s work.

    Voice 16: Definitely American Beauty.

    Dave: Why do you like American Beauty?

    Voice 16: Because….Kevin Spacey.

    Voice 17: All right. Let’s go with Anchorman, Talladega Nights and Dazed and Confused.

    Voice 18: Beverly Hills Cop.

    Dave: Why do you love Beverly Hills Cop?

    Voice 18: Because it’s _______ Awesome. It’s hilarious and Eddie Murphy is a genius in that.

    Voice 19: Probably The Godfather. I can notice something new every time I see it and I really enjoy the directing. I think the characters are superb.

    Dave: What’s your favorite scene from The Godfather….and reenact it.


    Dave: No I’m just kidding. You don’t have to but you could if you wanted to.

    Voice 19: Probably…the movie is starting and you see Don Corleon standing you know…everything is dark around him. Then the funeral parlor director comes up…

    Dave: (interrupting) Are you talking about on that, the day of his daughter’s wedding?

    Voice 19: Yes sir. Exactly. Haha! “My daughter’s wedding.”

    Dave: All right well got some good answers from everyone…Everything from Disney movies to Silence of the Lambs. Maybe you learned about some movies that you could check out on the next rainy day that you experience. Thanks for listening! I’m Dave Blanks and that was Dave by the Bell!

    Thanks to: Caroline,Lucas, Ta’rah, Claire, Jalin, Stephen, Alex, Chelsea, Shiale, Shia LaBeouf, Hannah, Molly, Ariana, Kendall, Jack, Jesslin, Andrew, Bailey, Tripp and Katie