Dave by the Bell: Exam Stress Relief

On this Dave By The Bell, Dave asks Appalachian State Students for their best tips for reducing exam relate stress.


  • Dave Blanks: Hey Folks, it’s me Dave Blanks with yet another Dave By the Bell and it’s a special examination edition. We’re going to be asking students, “What’s your advice for controlling your level of stress during exam time? How do you keep from freaking out? What’s your pro tip for testing? Lets find out what they have to say.

    Voice 1: Well, when I’m stressed out I just take time for myself to just relax and do what I want to instead of studying.

    Dave: Such as?

    Voice 1: Exercising, running, jogging and stuff like that.

    Voice 2: Take it one day at a time honestly and study…not frantically but effectively.

    Voice 3: Don’t cram last minute. I never cram like3 hours before.

    Voice 4: I’m probably the worst example. I do everything they tell you not to so…

    Dave: What do you do that you shouldn’t do?

    Voice 4: I don’t sleep. I procrastinate.

    Dave: Cram?

    Voice 4: Exactly Yes.

    Dave: So you don’t eat properly.

    Voice 4: No. No.

    Dave: You don’t exercise.

    Voice4: Coffee…a lot of caffeine intake.

    Voice 5: Your grade doesn’t define you but it you need a break go someplace quiet. Get away from people. Maybe listen to a little bit of music…breath. You’re good. You got this.

    Dave: I feel better already.

    Voice 5: I’m so glad. Ha-ha

    Voice 6: Manage your time more efficiently.

    Voice 7: Actually I’m one of those that does get really stressed out. The thing that keeps me from like going over the edge is knowing that as soon as I get done with it I’ve got the summer to relax. Win lose or draw you’re going to get through it. If you lose you gotta regroup and try it again. It’s not going to hurt you physically. You’ve just gotta power through it.

    Voice 8: Get a lot of sleep. That’s my best stress manager.

    Voice 9: I’d probably go fishing a lot yeah ummm play a lot of video games and watch TV.

    Dave: Where do you go fishing?

    Voice 10: Watauga River sometimes.

    Dave: Do you fly fish?

    Voice 10: I’ve tried. It’s too hard for me I just stick with the reel.

    Voice 11: Just take it one at a time…day by day and coffee always helps.

    Voice 12: Get some balanced meals…get some sleep. Take a nap in the library if you need to…some energy drink…hit up Crossroads for some coffee…study groups…it’s always easier in groups you know?

    Voice 13: I’d say not to do drugs. Drugs are bad…really. Take a deep breath do something fun for about 15 minutes and then get as much as you can do done. Just try your best.

    Voice 14: I do like to walk. I walked to Wendy’s the other day just to relax myself. Sleep actually is important. I hate to say that but it is important.

    Voice 15: make sure their diet is proper. Because a lot of college kids don’t have their full three meals.

    Voice 16: Don’t study right up until the exam. There’s only so much you’re going to be able to retain. At some point just stop and calm down. Do something that you enjoy. Before the exam. That hour right before hand…just chill listen to music or whatever and just get yourself in a calm state of mind before you go into that exam.

    Voice 17: Cry. Sacrifice the tears to the exam gods and then maybe eat some cake to make yourself feel better.

    Voice 18: Don’t over study. That’s one thing. Don’t stay up all night. Get a good night's sleep and study what you gotta do. Go to the third floor of the library. Go by yourself. Don’t go with your friends and socialize. That’s always my problem.

    Voice 19: If you have worked on it all semester long then you are set. It’s just a cumulative exam. It’s nothing. If you have good grades already, you’re fine. If you don’t have any of that stuff…you’re still fine. You can redo the class. You can drop the class. You can just take it again and pass the next time. I’ve retaken many classes. As such, I know that this works.

    Voice 20: Get enough sleep. Please. It makes life 100 times better if you are fully rested.

    Voice 21: During exams I hear a lot of people…I’ll say, “Do you wanna go get dinner?” and everyone will be like, “I can’t I have to study! I’ve already been studying for five hours but I have to do it some more. I think it’s good to just take breaks. Take time for yourself. Treat yourself so you don’t collapse half way though exam week.

    Voice 22: Take a break. Go for a walk and then come back to it. Nature helps everything.

    Voice 23: Finding time away from your school work….either going outside and sitting down or doing something that makes your body feel really good. Try some meditation or some yoga or do some kind of activity that really inspires you creatively outside of your schoolwork.

    Voice 24: Figure out what method of studying is best for you because everyone’s kind of different. You know I guess don’t cram like the night before? That’s what everybody says right? Maybe also do something physical. Make sure to take breaks. You know? If you’re sitting down for a long time it’s good to go outside and get some fresh air and do something you enjoy a little bit.

    Voice 25: I would say to use your time wisely. I think a lot of people that stress out about exams think If I stay up all night and study for 10 hours that will equate to better results and often time I think people waste a lot of time…at least productive time stressing and trying to cram and stuff like that…quality over quantity.

    Voice 26: Just to realize that it’s just college and that the world goes on take your time and take a bubble bath…hahaha that’s what I do.

    Dave: Manage your time well, eat good food and get plenty of sleep… and don’t cram! Good luck to every student facing exams. I’m Dave Blanks. I’ll talk to you next time on another Dave by the Bell.

    Special Thanks to: Taylor, Lily, Kate, Zach, Bailey, Grayson, Buddy, Robert, Amber, Caroline, Dakota, Liz, Hudson, Jocelyn, Rachel, Andie, Sarah, Nick, Lucas, Gael, Aidan, Ginny, Susanna, Erin and Charlie