Dave by the Bell: What's Next, Graduate?

Dave once again ventures out to find soon to be Appalachian State graduates to ask them about their plans for the future.


  • Dave: Well hello again everyone. I’m Dave Blanks back with another Dave by the Bell. It’s the special graduate edition of Dave by the Bell. I’ll be trying to wander around and locate graduates and when I find those people, I’m going to ask them, “Hey graduate…What’s next for you?” Let’s see what they have to say shall we?

    Voice 1: I actually got accepted into graduate school here at ASU so

    Dave: Yes!!

    Voice 1: I’m going to graduate school here for History.

    Dave: What made you stay here at App? I’m glad you did.

    Voice 1: Honestly, the faculty of the History Department really made me stay. I really want to work with them in my graduate studies and write a thesis under them and see how that goes.

    Dave: Congratulations, man and I guess we’ll be seeing you around.

    Voice 1: yeah. Thanks

    Voice 2: I’m gonna be working at a radio station in Raleigh this summer and then applying to as many other radio stations as I can and hopefully moving out of North Carolina.

    Dave: Sweet. Well what station is it?

    Voice 2: It’s radio 96.1 in Raleigh.

    Dave: Well Congratulations man and good luck to you.

    Voice 3: Law school

    Dave: Wow. Cool.

    Voice 3: Campbell. I already got accepted. I put down my deposit and everything.

    Dave: Well success to you in the future.

    Voice 3: Thank you.

    Dave: Thanks a lot man. You have a good one.

    Voice 4: I got a job in Greensboro so I’m going to be working there.

    Dave: Ah Great! Okay cool. Where are you going to be working?

    Voice 4: It’s a small financial planning company called Jonathan Smith and Company. I’ll be working as a financial planning associate and then hopefully going up to a financial planner and then a senior financial planner and everything past that.

    Dave: And then the sky is the limit. Well cool. Thanks man.

    Voice 5: Looking for a job. A common refrain.

    Dave: Yeah. I’ve heard that. What would your dream job be?

    Voice 5: Something dealing with wetland delineation…probably just looking at environmental conditions throughout the state.

    Voice 6: I just applied for jobs in Charlotte, Boston and Chicago.

    Dave: So any big city?

    Voice 6: mmmhmmm

    Dave: What about Atlanta?

    Voice 6: No. Too hot.

    Dave: Are you hot right now?

    Voice 6: yes very hot.

    Dave: Okay so…it’s probably like 71 degrees?

    Voice 6: yeah.

    Dave: So Charlotte’s pretty hot too…

    Voice 6: yeah but it’s nice.

    Dave: It’s closer maybe to home for you?

    Voice 6: No I’m from New Hampshire.

    Dave: well hmmm. Well congratulations on your graduation and good luck to you in the future.

    Voice 6: Thank you so much.

    Dave: All right take it easy. I appreciate it.

    Voice 6: Thanks.

    Voice 7: What’s next? I am going to take the summer off and just enjoy all that Boone has to offer.

    Dave: Nice! So you’re sticking around up here? Now do you work anywhere or you just kinda kicking it?

    Voice 7: I’m just kinda kickin it and looking for a job and…

    Dave: So where would you like to work? What would your dream job be or dream town.

    Voice 7: To work for the Charlotte Hornets.

    Dave: Cool. So PR for the Charlotte Hornets?

    Voice 7: Yeah PR for the Charlotte Hornets so Michael Jordan if your listening…

    Dave: I think he’s a regular.

    Voice 7: yeah. Probably so. Hit me up…thank you.

    Dave: haha all right I appreciate it man.

    Voice 8: I am going to law school in the fall.

    Dave: have you already gotten into it?

    Voice 8: Yes.

    Dave: Where you going?

    Voice 8: Probably Campbell.

    Dave: That’s the second person I’ve talked to that’s going to law school at Campbell.

    Voice 8: Awesome!

    Dave: maybe you’ll see him. I can’t remember his name but…all right well what do you want to do after law school? I guess….

    Voice 8: Become a prosecutor.

    Dave: What made you choose that profession?

    Voice 8: I had several reasons but the main reason I ended up in prosecution is I love the law. I feel that the law protects people and I was put here to serve people. So that’s what I want to do with my life, protect and serve.

    Dave: So do you hang out in the court room just for fun?

    Voice 8: I would totally do that yes. I have shadowed before.

    Dave: All right.

    Voice 9: Well right now I’m looking to hopefully get into grad school. I’m having a little bit of difficulties right now so I’m looking to find a job that can hopefully utilize my languages.

    Dave: Cool. What are your languages?

    Voice 9: I’m been learning Japanese for 4 years.

    Dave: Wow! So were you studying that here I guess?

    Voice 9: MMMhmmm. I also just recently got back from Japan in February.

    Dave: Cool! Say something cool in Japanese.

    Voice 9: (speaks in Japanese)

    Dave: What does that mean?

    Voice 9: That was just me introducing myself.

    Dave: All right well, congratulations of graduating and good luck finding a job.

    Voice 9: Thank you.

    Dave: All right man take it easy.

    Voice 10: Well I just got a job offer in the Raleigh area so I’ll be moving that and possibly teaching as a kindergarten prep teacher.

    Dave: Cool! Congratulations. So have you been applying for a while?

    Voice 10: Yeah. I would say the panic started hitting me in…

    Dave: haha yeah legitimate panic?

    Voice 10: yeah…February? Because there were people that already had jobs and I was like really shocked to hear that so…yeah I started applying like crazy so I probably applied to about 15 jobs yup.

    Dave: Thank you for your answer.

    Voice 11: Grad School.

    Dave: Grad School where?

    Voice 11: Here.

    Dave: Cool. What made you wanna stick around here at App?

    Voice 11: I was trying to sit for my CPA and I have to get my Masters…and I’ve loved it up here.

    Dave: We’re glad you’re sticking around. Thanks man. I appreciate it.

    Voice 12: I have an interview on Tuesday for a job at an editing company in Chapel Hill.

    Dave: Nice!

    Voice 12: Hoping for the best.

    Dave: Yeah me too. What’s the company? Can you say?

    Voice 12: Algonquin Books

    Dave: I’ve heard of them. Sound fancy! All right well cool congratulations and good luck. What about you? Are you about to graduate?

    Voice 13: haha noooo. Never.

    Dave: All right you’re just going to stay here forever?

    Voice 13: We’ll see how long I can. Yeah.

    Voice 14: I’ve been studying Music Industry with a concentration in Marketing and Management.

    Dave: So what is next for you?

    Voice 14: I’ll be moving to Nashville for an internship in the music industry.

    Dave: Makes sense…what’s the internship? What is the industry?

    Voice 14: To be decided…I’m hoping to work at a large venue like the grand ole opry. So we’ll see what happens.

    Dave: I’ve heard of that place.

    Voice 14: yeah! It’s well known.

    Dave: Well good luck and congratulations.

    Voice 14: Thank you very much.

    Dave: All right.

    Dave: Well some of them are sticking around for grad school and some of them we will be sad to see go but I’m sure the future holds bright things for our class of 2015. Good luck and congratulations. I’m Dave Blanks and this was Dave by the Bell.

    Special Thanks to: Cameron, Jonathan, Andrew, Stephen, Chris, Laura, Alex, Laura, Destiny, Matt, Aisha, Dylan and Rachel