Dave by the Bell: Parental Orientation

Dave heads to the Schaefer Center to chat with parents of incoming App State Freshmen about their hopes and dreams for their children as well as their big plans for their child's room back at the house. Renovations and Reverence in the latest Dave by the Bell.


  • Dave: Should we jaywalk across River Street? Maybe I shouldn't jaywalk. I'm going to wait on this light. I'm waiting on this hand. (Singing) “waiting on the hand. Still waiting on the…” I didn't press the button!

    (bell ringing Dave by the Bell theme plays)

    Dave: Well it's a beautiful day in Boone North Carolina. It’s May 28 and I'm making the trek over to the Schaefer Center because it's orientation. At Schaefer Center we will find some parents whose children are going to be attending Appalachian State University. We're going to ask them a couple of questions. We're going to try to figure out their hopes and their dreams for their children here at Appalachian State. We are also going to try to figure out, "what are you going to do with the room? The spare room that you now have in your house." So let's see what they have to say.

    Dave: Excuse me ma'am, I'm from Appalachian’s social media team and my name is Dave. Are you guys a couple here?

    Voice 1: Yes

    Dave: I'm going to ask you two questions if you don't mind about your child attending Appalachian State. The first question is what are your hopes and your dreams for your son here at Appalachian. What do you want to see him accomplish. How do you envision his experience here? I'll let you take it first mom... Or you dad?

    Voice 2: Yeah

    Voice 1: Well, we know he'll get a great education here because his mom is an alumni and so we're excited about him going here for that reason but also because this is a great school.

    Dave: What do you want to see him accomplish, Mom?

    Voice 2: I really want to see him grow into the individual that I know he is supposed to be. I know just from experience that being in the mountains and being around a diverse group of people that he will grow into a more diverse child. Not child. Man than he is. Ha ha ha ha

    Dave: A lot of parents call them children even though they're coming to college

    Voice 2: Yes. Always.

    Dave: So, the second question is what are your plans for his room back of the house? Do you have room plans?

    Voice 2: You know what? He is so rotten that he took the bonus room for his bedroom to start with.

    Dave: What?

    Voice 2: Yeah. He is rotten. He has got it set up up there so I have not decided if I'm going to change it or not.

    Voice 1: I think it would be a great room for storage but I think she wants to make it a shrine to him.

    Voice 2: ha ha ha ha

    Voice 1: So

    Dave: And a lot of parents are just unabashedly honest about that they are like, "Oh no it's staying exactly like that." And other ones are like no no we've already started so…"

    Voice 3: As long as he is healthy and happy I'm going to be happy about whatever he chooses. I I just don't have a clear set path for him. Those are his decisions.

    Dave: So, the second question do you have plans for his room back in the house? Do you have room plans?

    Voice 3: It's going to be just as he left it at least initially nothing in the immediate future.

    Dave: You’re not just like, "Okay you're out of the house now it's the craft room or…"

    Voice 3: No! No! I'll be looking forward to his return the first vacation.

    Dave: Awww

    Voice 4: I want him to become the man he's supposed to be and get the education he desires so he can pursue a good career later on.

    Dave: So, the second question is what are your plans for his room back at the house.

    Voice 4: It's going to stay. We have plenty of rooms so it’s going to stay there for him.

    Voice 5: Well, number one we want her to be happy. Number two we want to be prepared for the rest of life and hopefully be able to get out there in the job market and land a good job and just be prepared to live is a good responsible adult in this world.

    Dave: So the second question is what are your plans for your daughter's room back in the house? Have you had your eye on it?

    Voice 5: Absolutely. I don't know if my wife's going to let me do a man cave or not but it'll turn into… Well, it'll stay the same for a while I'm sure but…

    Dave: You’ll give her a little grace period?

    Voice 5: Give her a little grace period. We don't want to shock her whenever she comes home for Christmas. But, after that I'm sure my wife will come up with some kind good idea.

    Dave: (singing) still talking to parents. I'm going to go talk to this one. Excuse me ma'am I'm from Appalachian State social media team would you mind if I ask you two quick questions?

    Voice 6: Sure!

    Dave: I think it's about him. All right…so this is your child correct?

    Voice 6: Yes.

    Dave: Okay. So what are your hopes in your dreams for him while he's attending Appalachian State? What do you want to see him accomplish…become…achieve? How do you envision the whole experience for him?

    Voice 6: ummmm

    Dave: What do you… Well let's ask you. Let's ask the freshman.

    Voice 7: I want to have fun and find a degree that I can use to make my life better.

    Dave: That's a simple answer. It was really good. Wait…what did mom say?

    Voice 6: Well, it's kind of hard because I would like to say I wish he would become a better person but he's just the greatest person you'll ever meet so just to build on top of that would be great. If you get to know him…

    Dave: He seems like a nice guy. I like him already. So the second question is what are your plans for his room back at the house I would guess you’re going to leave his room as it is. Is that correct?

    Voice 6: Yes.

    Dave: I thought so.

    Voice 6: But he says he's not coming back so…

    Dave: What? You're never going to visit?

    Voice 7: I'm going to visit just…

    Voice 6: During the holidays.

    Voice 7: Yeah.

    Dave: Not every weekend?

    Voice 7: No.

    Dave: Yeah. That's good.

    Voice 6: That's okay. I'll come visit you.

    Dave: She’ll come to the room man. hahaha Thank you. Have a good orientation.

    Voice 8: You know just wanting a great education and build some self-confidence I hope he makes a lot of good friends here it’s a great place to come to school.

    Dave: What about you Sis?

    Voice 9: I just want him to be happy here.

    Dave: Good answer. So, the second question is a lighthearted question. What are your plans for his room back at the house? Do you have room plans?

    Voice 9: That's sad.

    Dave: What are you going to do now that he is out of there?

    Voice 10: Keep it clean.

    Dave: Because he is not done that?

    Voice 10: No. Exactly.

    Voice 11: Well, we're thinking a bed and breakfast also.

    Dave: a B and B!?

    Voice 11: Yeah a B and B! It makes a little money it'll help pay for the tuition.

    Dave: Perfect! Thank you very much for your answer.

    Voice 12: Well, I hope she's going to get a good education here and be positive in her career choices and I think she is. I think she's already ahead of the game because she's got an eye for what she's going into.

    Dave: Well, I should ask her. What are you going into?

    Voice 13: Commercial photography.

    Dave: Cool.

    Voice 12: And she's already won some awards.

    Dave: The second question is what are you doing with her room back at the house?

    Voice 12: Big yard sale!

    Dave: Are you going to leave it as is?

    Voice 12: No! Yard sale!

    Dave: For real? A yard sale? Is that true?

    Voice 13: No. It's not true.

    Voice 12: How is she going to know? She's going to be away.

    Voice 14: Well I think it's got a be a balance. There are two big components. First, they need education. They have to be ready to go to the workforce. They have to be educated. The other part of it is have fun. You have those three or four years here where it's just that great fun college experience so you know it's twofold and hopefully they'll have that balance.

    Dave: What are your plans for your daughter's room?

    Voice 14: It’s just going to be de-cluttered. It's going to be fresh with clean sheets, air freshener. Yeah. It's going to be like pristine. It's going to be a guest room.

    Dave: You mean it's not pristine now?

    Voice 14: Not usually. Oh and there she is!

    Dave: So, I've asked her mother what her hopes and your dreams for you here at Appalachian State are. So, what are your hopes and dreams here at Appalachian State. What do you want to achieve here? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to become? It's a big question.

    Voice 15: Yeah. It is a big question. I think I want to have fun and make the most out of all of my opportunities and meet a lot of different people and I don't know, figure myself out?

    Dave: And did I already ask you to room question? I did. Right?

    Voice 14: Yeah it's going to be…

    Voice 15: (interrupting) About what?

    Dave: Don't worry about that.

    Voice 15: Oh hahahaha

    Dave: It's no big deal.

    Voice 14: Yeah ha ha.

    Dave: All right. Thank you very much. Have a good orientation.

    Voice 16: One of my hopes is that she just has a overall enriching experience filled with diversity and learning new things and getting acclimated toward adulthood.

    Dave: All right. The second question is do you have plans for her room back of the house?

    Voice 16: Yes we do.

    Dave: All right! What's the plan?

    Voice 16: We will be taking some of her room and increasing our movie room.

    Dave: yes! That's like the best answer I've gotten so far! You know a lot of parents are just like, "No. We're just going to leave it as is."

    Voice 16: Ahhhh that would be a no. We will be making some adjustments!

    Dave: Yes! hahaha

    (Dave by the Bell theme begins playing)

    Dave: Hopes and dreams. Dreams and hopes… Safety education friendship fun… All things that parents want for their children here at Appalachian State. I hope all of the parents have a great time while they're visiting here on campus. And I'm sure all of the students are going to have a wonderful time while they’re attending Appalachian State University. Welcome everyone. I'm Dave Blanks and that was a special parental orientation edition of Dave by the Bell.