Dave by the Bell: Fatherly Advice

In this Father's Day edition of Dave by the Bell, Dave asks Appalachian State University students for the best fatherly advice their dad ever gave them.


  • Dave: Yeah this Dave by the Bell right here is the Father’s Day edition and I realized I forgot to record an intro earlier. So lets just start it up. Lets head to Plemmon’s Student Union. There are like 4 students in the student union. Maybe Crossroads? We’ll check out Crossroads.

    Dave In Crossroads: So Father’s Day is this Sunday.

    Voice 1: yeah. It’s this Sunday. I totally forgot about it.

    Dave: Oh No! Well I’m glad I’m here to remind you.

    Voice 1: yeah.

    Dave: So, can you give me a piece of fatherly advice that your dad gave you that stands out?

    Voice 1: That’s appropriate! Hahaha.

    Dave: Hahaha Yeah yeah well something appropriate. Yeah.

    Voice 1: Hahaha Well, my dad is one to yell a lot so I’m just trying to like…ummm to always make sure what you’re doing is done right and whatever you’re doing you get a reward for because if you’re not getting a reward for it then there’s no reason to do it…so.

    Dave: How would your dad say it?

    Voice 1: A lot more swear words and yelling! Hahaha

    Dave: Thank you for your answer.

    Voice 1: No problem.

    Dave: Have a good day.

    Voice 1: yeah, you too. Hopefully you’ll find more students.

    Dave: I hope so too, man. There are not many students here in the student union.

    Voice 1: Yeah…check the library.

    Dave: that’s where I’m headed now. Thank you for your help.

    Voice 1: have a great rest of your day.

    Dave: You too I appreciate it. Well, she was very nice.

    (Door opens)

    Dave: Hey Joe Byrd!

    JB: What’s goin’ on??

    Dave: You wanna answer my question?

    JB: No. Not today. Sorry.

    Dave: FINE!!! See ya man!

    Dave: Hey, excuse me y’all. I’m sorry to interrupt. Are you both students?

    Voice 2: Yes.

    Dave: Would you mind if I ask you a single question. I’m with University Communications. I’m on the social media team. My name is Dave.

    Voice 3: Dave by the Bell.

    Dave: Dave by the Bell!!! Hey, yeah that’s me.

    Voice 3: You’re not by the bell though?!!

    Dave: Yeah, I wandered off. There was nobody my the bell.

    So this weekend is Father’s Day. Can you give me a piece of fatherly advice…the best fatherly advice that your dad has ever given you?

    Voice 2: I mean just go to school. He drilled that into my head. Go to school. Make sure you go to college and don’t marry someone who is not going to college either. So I stuck by it.

    Dave: All right so you haven’t married anybody who isn’t going to college yet?

    Voice 2: …Kinda.

    Dave: What??!!! It sounds like you didn’t listen to his advice??!!!

    Voice 2: Well, he’s in the process of it. He’s like me he is in the process of it.

    Dave: Okay, all right cool. Well what about you sir? What’s a good piece of fatherly advice that your dad gave you?

    Voice 3: I’ll give you advice my grandfather gave me. Never forget who you are and always be a big kid. So, I’m always a big kid and it’s always served me well.

    Voice 4: Stay in school.

    Voice 5: Some fatherly advice he always used to give me was you should always try your best because regardless, our best is always good enough.

    Voice 6: Just work hard and trust in family.

    Voice 7: he often told me plant your corn early. Whether or not that was figurative or literal it stands as reasonable advice.

    Dave: haha

    (Door opens)

    Dave: Okay finally to the library. It seems like I would be bothering people by asking them questions. I don’t know. We’ll see.

    Sneezer: Achoo

    Dave: People sneezing.

    Cougher: Cough

    Dave: Coughing on me…

    Cougher: Cough

    Dave: Gross…hahaha

    Voice 8: One thing he always said to me was that a good name is worth more than riches and gold, which is kind of stolen from the bible, but it’s the way I live my life now.

    Voice 9: My dad always read to me Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech every year. He still calls me every time and reads it to me.

    Voice 10: My dad always told me that I don’t need a guy to be cool. He was just like, “You’re cool the way you are and you don’t need anybody.”

    Voice 11: Nothing is free.

    Voice 12: Well, he always told me that talent doesn’t beat hard work. Hard work beats talent. So yeah…

    Voice 13: It’s kinda hard when you were raised by a single parent.

    Dave: yeah…

    Voice 13: So, the only advice I really have is to actually be there for your kids.

    Voice 14: Follow your passion. Do what you want to do because that’s where you’re going to succeed.

    Voice 15: Ummm, he used to always tell me as a little girl to fight the power and keep it real. Which…

    Dave: Wait wait! He said what?

    Voice 15: Fight the power and keep it real.

    Dave: That’s awesome.

    Voice 15: Yeah so we grew up…me and my two sisters grew up hearing that pretty much every day before we went to school you know just even though you know people are in charge of you, don’t let that stop you from doing what you want to do and always be yourself when doing it. So that always stuck with us.

    Voice 16: He said, “The height of a man is always measured from his shoulders up. Always keep your head up. You’ll be a taller man for it.”

    Dave: (whispering) Hey are you a student, man?

    Not a student: Nah I’m not. Well, I was a student here at one point.

    Dave: Well, you’re no good to me. Thanks man.

    Dave: All right, that’s enough of the library. Let’s get out of here.

    Voice 17: Probably not to worry so much. Just calm down and take it easy. That’s probably the best advice he’s given me.

    Dave: Just don’t worry!

    Voice 17: Haha yeah. It’s easier said than done. But…

    Dave: yeah Yeah It sounds really easy.

    Voice 17: yeah.

    Voice 18: He told me to always set big goals for long term and always make strides toward them on a daily basis.

    Voice 19: He always told me if I want a friend, I have to be a friend.

    Voice 20: My dad never gave me advice but he taught me how to keep my composure.

    Dave: How do you do that?

    Voice 20: hahaha.

    Dave: I could use that.

    Voice 20: Stay cool?

    Dave: yeah.

    Voice 20: Stay cool.

    Dave: Good advice.

    Voice 20: Yeah.

    Dave: Thanks man.

    Voice 20: No probs!

    Dave: No probs is right. But mad props to you pops! Thanks to all the dads out there. That cringe worthy turn of phrase is just for you. And here’s to everyone who steps up to the plate to dole out fatherly advice be they father on no…wow that was really old timey wasn’t it? Well, until next time, I’m Dave Blanks and this has been Dave by the Bell.

    Special thanks to: Kaylee, Elizabeth, Jesse, Matthew, Connor, Nick, Sina, Storm, Stephen, Maggie, Annalise, Leah, Mary, Shannon, Emily, Morgan, Jud and Charlie