Dave by the Bell: Welcome Freshmen

Dave interviews brand new Mountaineers in the freshmen move-in special edition of Dave by the Bell. Featuring a special appearance by Chancellor Sheri N. Everts!


  • Dave: And hello once again, everybody. It's me, Dave Blanks, with yet another Dave by the Bell. On this edition of Dave by the Bell, it's Move-in Day at App State. It's August the 14th and all the freshman and returning students are finding their way around campus and checking out their new digs in the dormitories. So the plan today is to talk to them and to ask them, "Hey, what are you most excited about, about college... about App State? What are you looking forward to the mostest?" Come along with me, won't you? (singing) Meetin' lots of people, learnin' lots of stuff. It's gonna be awesome, it's gonna be tuff. Leavin' friends behind, but makin' some new ones. Comin' to college, you're a freshman for real. Comin' to college, it's a pretty big deal. Comin' to college. That lady's lookin' at me like I'm weird. And she's right.

    Dave: Hey, excuse me y'all...

    Dave: The question is, what about App State has you the most excited?

    Voice 1: Going to a school that is so beautiful and going to campus every day and seeing how beautiful my campus is.

    Voice 2: I'm most excited about the community and meeting a ton of new people.

    Voice 3: I'm most excited about going snowboarding.

    Voice 4: I'm really excited about just being up here and just being a part of everything Appalachian, like being able to go to football games and being a part of the school.

    Voice 5: I'm most excited about football season.

    Voice 6: I think I'm most excited about coming to Appalachian State for the football.

    Voice 7: I'm really excited about my fly-fishing class.

    Voice 8: Well, I'm really excited to make close friends and get that tight-knit group and have those late-night fun and study sessions. I'm looking forward to that.

    Voice 9: I'm most excited about no humidity, no mosquitos, no 90-degree weather.

    Voice 10: I'm really excited about spending a lot of time outdoors climbing, whitewater rafting and hiking. A lot of that type of stuff.

    Voice 11: I guess I'm excited about meeting lots of people, since it's a big school.

    Voice 12: I'm looking forward to the good weather. I like the cold, so I'm waiting for winter.

    Voice 13: Pretty much, PE here is awesome. I'll go fly-fishing - it's going to be awesome. And I love to snowboard. That's pretty much why I chose App.

    Voice 14: I'm looking forward to being in the mountains, living so far away from them.

    Dave: So, are you going to do snowboarding and stuff?

    Voice 14: Um-hum. I already bought it.

    Dave: Awesome.

    Voice 14: Yeah.

    Dave: Cool.

    Voice 15: I'm really looking forward to playing softball at App State.

    Dave: Is that what brought you here?

    Voice 15: Yes sir.

    Voice 16: I'm probably most excited about the mountains here. I get to explore the Blue Ridge Parkway.

    Voice 17: I'm mostly excited about snow.

    Dave: I'm going to go over to the other side of campus. I can't be so partial to East side. Gotta check out West side.

    Voice 18: It's really tragic, but I'm really excited about decorating my room. (Laughs)

    Dave: That's it?

    Voice 18: I'm also really scared that I won't be able to fit everything.

    Dave: There's a lot of stuff in that truck.

    Voice 18: I have more in another car. (Laughs)

    Dave: Who are we talking to here? Is this Mom?

    Voice 18: Yeah, that's Mom.

    Dave: OK, alright. Are you making your parents carry everything?

    Voice 18: Yeah, and my best friend and my boyfriend - they're going to help.

    Dave: It's a team effort.

    Voice 18: Yeah.

    Dave: Alright.

    Voice 18: I brought a crew with me. A moving crew.

    Dave: Excellent.

    Voice 19: I'm really looking forward to the environment, the people. This is clean air right now. I'm more of a city girl. I like this. I'm liking it here.

    Dave: Glad you're here.

    Voice 19: I'm glad, too.

    Voice 20: Being here at App, I'm most looking forward to being on my own. Finally getting a sense of responsibility, I guess you could say.

    Voice 21: I'm really looking forward to meeting all of the new people here, since I really don't know anybody and I'm excited to see all the new faces.

    Voice 22: I'm really looking forward to the weather, cause I'm from the North originally. So we don't get much snow down in Charlotte, so I'm looking forward to that. And it's a lot cooler.

    Dave: How does it feel today, here in Boone?

    Voice 22: It's great.

    Dave: It's so nice, right?

    Voice 22: It's so nice. Yeah.

    Dave: Well, welcome to campus. Thank you for your answer. Nice to meet you.

    Dave: So, you're here at App as a freshman.

    Voice 23: Yes sir, I am.

    Dave: Welcome to campus.

    Voice 23: Thank you. Thank you. It's awesome.

    Dave: What is the one thing about App State that you are most looking forward to? What's gotten you the most excited about being here at App?

    Voice 23: I'm really looking forward to the people. A lot of people have told me that this is a really well-rounded community and a really good campus.

    Dave: Hey, excuse me y'all. My name is Dave. I work for the university. I'm with University Communications. I'm talking to incoming freshmen. Are any of you incoming freshmen?

    Voice 24: We gotta go eat.

    Dave: Go do it! Eat well!

    Dave: Are you an incoming freshman, ma'am?

    Voice 25: If it was 1969, I would be.

    Dave: Did you come to App back then?

    Voice 25: I did.

    Dave: You did? What did you study?

    Voice 25: Elementary Education. And I've been a teacher.

    Dave: Did you bring a student to campus today?

    Voice 25: I brought my nephew. (Phone rings)

    Dave: Is that your nephew calling?

    Voice 25: My nephew, John.

    Dave: Talking to John.

    Voice 25: This is his mom.

    Dave: OK, talking to John's mom. Thank you.

    Voice 25: Thank you.

    Voice 26: I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and starting fresh somewhere new.

    Voice 27: I'm most excited for my music classes.

    Voice 28: I'm looking forward to meeting new people, experiencing new things. Kind of the freedom of college.

    Voice 29: I'm looking forward to meeting new people and starting a new life away from friends and family back home.

    Dave: From these people here? You want to escape these people?

    Voice 29: Sometimes.

    Dave: Yeah, occasionally. Are you ever going to come back home and visit?

    Voice 29: Definitely.

    Dave: Thank y'all.

    Voice 30: I'm really looking forward to everything.

    Dave: The whole thing.

    Voice 30: The whole thing. All of it.

    Dave: Anything specific at all? What dorm are you in?

    Voice 30: I'm in Frank.

    Dave: Did you meet your roommate?

    Voice 30: Yes, sir.

    Dave: Did you know your roommate prior to coming here?

    Voice 30: We talked a little on Facebook, but not much.

    Dave: Back when I came to Appalachian State, there wasn't Facebook, so I actually had to call the person and speak to them on the phone. it's totally different now, right?

    Voice 30: Yeah.

    Voice 31: I'm more excited about the weather. It's 65 and not humid. Feels good up here.

    Dave: What is it at home right now, probably?

    Voice 31: Probably about 90 and humid.

    Dave: So humid. You could drag a bucket through the air...

    Voice 31: Yeah. Yeah.

    Dave: (singing) Comin' to App State. It's totally cool. I'm really glad I've been recording this. Volunteers from the community. People pitching in.

    Dave: Hey, volunteers! Thanks for your time. So what are you doing here today, sir?

    Voice 32: I'm helping people move in.

    Dave: Now, is this just something that you just took it upon yourself, and thought it would be really cool and nice to help people out?

    Voice 32: Yeah, my youth group decided to do it.

    Dave: That looks like it's Chancellor Sheri N. Everts right over by the Yosef statue at the corner of Rivers Street and Stadium. And she's walking around talking to freshmen today, as well, and I think she's going to be going into some of the dorms. So, let's get her advice for incoming freshmen. Chancellor Everts, can I ask you just one quick question?

    Chancellor Everts: Sure.

    Dave: I'm producing a podcast called "Dave by the Bell" and I've been talking to incoming freshmen about their excitement about App State. So, if you had a piece of advice for incoming freshmen here at Appalachian State, what would that piece of advice be?

    Chancellor Everts: Get involved. And whatever that is that they love, get involved in it. There is so much to do here. So, just jump right in. It'll be marvelous, good fun.

    Dave: Thank you very much.

    Chancellor Everts: Thank you.

    Dave: I really appreciate it.

    Dave: Well, that was sincerely a lot of fun. I really enjoyed hanging out with all the new freshmen and their parents. I appreciate everyone who took a moment out of their super-busy day to talk to me. And thank you very much to Chancellor Everts for taking time out of her visiting schedule to talk to me. That was a lot of fun. I had a good time. I hope you did, too. And I will be back next time with another "Dave by the Bell." Later.