Dave by the Bell: Best Advice from a Professor

On this episode of Dave by the Bell, Dave interviews recent graduates at Commencement 2015 at the George M. Holmes Convocation Center in Boone. He asks them, "Was there a professor who taught you something you know you'll never forget? Who was that professor? What did they teach you?"


  • Dave: Hi folks it’s me Dave Blanks back with another Dave by the Bell a podcast during which I wander about interviewing unsuspecting App State students and attempting to have them answer one single solitary question per episode. Today I’m at the George M. Holmes convocation center here in Boone for Appalachain State University Commencement 2015. Having just shaken hands with Chancellor Everts these brand new graduates are currently wandering the concourse post hat toss. They’re likely searching for their families in a sea of people and I am waylaying them strictly for your entertainment and edification. Today’s charge: Was there a professor who taught you something you know you’ll never forget? Who was that professor? What did they teach you? Let’s find out what they have to say.

    Voice 1: There are so many but I guess I’ll give a shout out to Professor White of the Department of History for teaching me how to write an excellent history paper.

    Voice 2: Bill Post for the course Police Process. I’ve used his information multiple times in my internship for Criminal Justice.

    Voice 3: Katherine Ledford was my advisor for the whole process. She taught me everything I needed to know about Appalachian Studies.

    Voice 4: Dr. Lisa Gross taught me all about being a teacher.

    Voice 5: Dr. Lisa Curtin was my thesis advisor. She taught me to persevere and do whatever you can and you will get through anything.

    Voice 6: Andrew Ferguson is the reason I am sociology major.

    Voice 7: Dr. Ammon was my thesis advisor and she taught me how to approach students with compassion and to reach out to them and be there for them no matter what they are going through or what they need.

    Voice 8: Dr. Kortering in Special Education was wonderful.

    Dave: What did he teach you?

    Voice 8: He taught me how to deal with each student as an individual. I hope that’s what I can do as a teacher is love them and accept them as who they are where they are and take them where they need to go.

    Voice 9: Dr. Mike Potter from the Masters of Public Administration taught me a lot about civility and critical thinking is really the biggest thing I took away. He taught me to be able to look at any problem and look at it from all stakeholders’ perspectives to come to the best compromise.

    Voice 10: My psychology advisor for my psych lab Dr. Shawn Bergman was always very energetic and even though we always got work done we were always having fun at the same time.

    Voice 11: It was Dr. Gross who always taught me no matter how hard it can be; you can always get through it.

    Voice 12: Specifically Derrick Lail my internship coordinator assisted me very well.

    Voice 13: I think I’ll say Professor Bergman because I’m Psychology with a business concentration so I’m within industrial and organizational. He helped me with furthering my education and developing strategies to get into grad school.

    Voice 14: Dr. Skip Beck is a Social Psychology professor. He was very inspiring and motivated you to keep going and never give up and teaching you where resources are and telling you to come to him if you needed anything. He was very open and a person I would definitely want to go back to.

    Voice 15: I would say Dr. Tashakkori for his work ethic. He is always in his lab. I like that a lot.

    Voice 16: I wouldn’t say there was any one professor in particular but all of my professors were very good at preparing me for outside of college.

    Voice 17: There are so many but the chair of my doctoral dissertation and I shared a moment when she broke down in tears and said that she wanted me to stand in who I am with confidence and I went on to defend my dissertation. It was one of the strongest moments that I’ve had in my life up to this point.

    Voice 18: Jeff Goodman taught me to be weird! (Laughter) It’s basically a cliché but just do what you want and you will be happy.

    Dave: Congratulations to the class of 2015. We are proud of what you have accomplished and know you’ll go out into the big ole world and do some wonderful things. On the next Dave By the Bell we’ll ask the class of 2015 for advice on making it through college!

    Dave: This podcast is a produced by Appalachian Media Productions a division of University Communications at Appalachian State University. Discover more of our podcasts videos and other cool App related content at appalachianmagazine.org and subscribe to us on iTunes. Just search for Appalachian State under podcasts. I look forward to talking to you folks next time. I’m Dave Blanks and this has been Dave by the Bell.

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