Dave by the Bell: Tales from the Appalcart

On this super spooky Halloween episode Dave interviews unsuspecting Appalachian State students as they wait to board the Appalcart and uncovers bone chilling Appalcart tales of terror.

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  • Dave Blanks: Well hello once again folks it’s me Dave Blanks with another Dave by the Bell, a podcast where I walk around Appalachian State's campus and ask Appalachian State students a single question. On today’s Dave by the Bell the question is what's the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you on an Appalcart, not necessarily scary but just something weird that has occurred aside from it being late which is probably not the weirdest thing in the world.

    So my plan was initially to ride the Appalcart but I don't really want to get stuck on a route for like an hour. I thought maybe instead I could just ask people who have ridden the Appalcart for their crazy tales and then maybe actually go talk to some people that are waiting at the appalcart stop. There are a few of them so that's what I’m doing.

    Voice 1: People sit down and talk to you about like the weirdest stuff and you’re just like okay have a good day.

    DB: And then you get off like immediately at the next stop.

    Voice 1: Yeah definitely. Yeah.

    Voice 2: Probably the worst is people talking to themselves or like I had this one guy he was like arguing with no one like screaming on the bus and like yelling aggressive stuff about somebody that was not there.

    DB: So you talk to him frequently now?

    Voice 2: Yeah he’s my best friend.

    Voice 3: So it was my freshman year about three years ago I forget how late it was but I feel like it was around midnight to one in the morning because it was on a Sunday and they run later but I was the only person getting on the bus at the time what happened was two times on the ride the cord pulled. I wasn’t the one who pulled it. The bus driver swears it was a malfunction but at the same time as someone who does believe in the supernatural I’m not exactly sure. But yes, twice it rang, I didn’t pull it.

    Voice 4: Okay well there’s just this guy and this woman who the guy just started weirdly slapping random parts of her body like over and over and it wasn’t in like a kind of antagonistic harmful way it was just like pop pop pop pop pop but it went on for like fifteen minutes and I was just sitting there like uh why is this going on right now?

    DB: What happened?

    Voice 4: Uh i don’t know I don't know his hands were loose and uncontrollable it was strange.

    DB: What was she doing?

    Voice 4: She was just sitting there like nothing was happening.

    DB: Oh my God that's really weird.

    Voice 4: I don't know what to make of it. They got off first and it continued as they got off the bus it continued.

    DB: So that was a weird story.

    Voice 5: No I see people barefoot all the time getting on the bus and I don’t understand that but...

    DB: Does it frighten you?

    Voice 5: Yeah they might step on glass or my feet would hurt if I was barefoot all the time.

    Voice 6: There was one time that there was so many people on it that we were all like so close to each other and falling all over each other but that wasn't super weird. It wasn't too bad but it wasn't great.

    DB: It wasn't supernatural you don't think?

    Voice 6: No. I don’t think so.

    Voice 7: There was on time this guy on and he looked like a teletubby because of his hair that doesn't really count I guess.

    DB: It totally counts! A teletubby got on the bus! Where was he?

    Voice 7: Um he rode it like at Walmart.

    DB: Are you still friends?

    Voice 7: I mean I wasn't his friend he just he looked awkward.

    DB: I didn't figure you were actually friends. Alright that was good...teletubby! Well what about you aside from the teletubby, have you ever had a crazy experience on the Appalcart?

    Voice 8: I don't think so. That Teletubby was *laughs*

    DB: So you can confirm that there indeed was a teletubby?

    Voice 8: There was a teletubby on the Appalcart.

    DB: Terrifying. I’m so glad yall survived it. You be careful out there.

    DB: Alright I’m getting rained on. It’s an overcast fall day here in beautiful Boone, North Carolina.

    Voice 9: Uh this guy was being really loud about his girlfriend or something like and it was just like, I was like where is this guys story going and like everybody was on the bus listening to this guy’s crazy story ended up just being a joke and I was like what?

    DB: Was his girlfriend on the bus too?

    Voice 9: No no no, he was talking to a whole bunch of guys and I was just like this story is just kind of like.

    DB: Terrifying.

    Voice 9: Uhh yeah!

    Voice 10: So we were riding on the bus coming into work and I pulled the switch and it went off and he just mysteriously didn't stop. Just kept going, kept going and you know I kept saying “stop, stop” and he was like.. he didn't hear me! It was crazy!

    DB: That was a good one alright.

    Voice 11: One time it like went back to the Appalcart homebase and chilled for like fifteen minutes and then continued on its route I don't know what that was about.

    DB: You were sitting on the Appalcart and...

    Voice 11: You know where they keep all the Applacarts it drove there and maybe needed gas or something I don’t know but it drove there and chilled for like fifteen minutes and I was just like did I get on the wrong bus? I was very confused.

    DB: You just hung out?

    Voice 11: Yeah and then it took me home and it was fine.

    DB: Perfect.

    Voice 12: I was getting on one to come to campus as usual and I get on and I sit down and I feel some pang on the back of my head and I know from past experience that someone is staring at me and I have no idea who so I casually pay no mind to it I don't want to turn around and start a scene or anything so we get to here actually the traffic circle and I get off the bus and as I get up to turn around it’s my aunt. My aunt’s on the back of the bus.

    DB: Wait so she's not dead right?

    Voice 12: No she's alive, she's alive!

    DB: Okay! So she was just like hanging out to surprise you and she knew the route?

    Voice 12: I told her like what bus I took and she just showed up she's like alright let's go get some food I'm like how are we getting back she's like I guess we're waiting on the bus I was like alright.

    DB: So there you have folks some terrifying tales from the Appalcart you could totally be riding when suddenly your aunt who is a ghost dressed as a teletubby boards the bus and invisibly starts pulling the stop cord. It could happen to you. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But probably on Halloween. Thats a wrap. I’m Dave Blanks and this has been Dave by the Bell.

    Special Thanks: David, Jayden, Kameron, Bethany, Alexis, Haley, Kaitlyn, Alphonso, Daniel, Ashley and Evan.