Dave by the Bell: Move In Day 2017

UComm's Dave Blanks wanders around campus and interviews new App State students to discover the most unusual thing they've brought with them to the dorms.


  • Dave: Well it’s 10:30am on Friday August the 18th and it’s move in day here at Appalachian State University. Hello everyone. I’m Dave Blanks and on this edition of Dave by the Bell I will be hassling new Appalachian State students and asking them, “What is the most unusual thing that you have brought with you here to Appalachian State? What’s the wackiest piece of whatever that you brought from home?” I’m probably going to get a lot of stuffed animal stuff right? Probably have a stuffed animal with a special name like Mookie or Mr. Pig…whoever…what have you. So anyway I’m going to drag the students away from having to bring their stuff into the dorms and just make their parents carry the stuff while I interview them. That’s the plan for today. Looks like we have some Freshmen down here. “We were merely Freshmen” (singing) They’re parking. They’re unloading. Is anybody here an incoming Freshmen?

    Move-in Day Volunteer: He’s an incoming transfer student.

    Dave: Oh! Well, you count! You’re new to App! It doesn’t necessarily have to be just Freshmen. All right so what is your name…your first and last and how do you spell it?

    H: Yes my first name is H and my last name is Patton. First name H is spelled with an h and then Patton P-A-T-T-O-N.

    Dave: All right so you probably get this all the time but is H short for something?

    H: It’s not. That’s my first name. It’s on my birth certificate. I am actually the third in my family.

    Dave: H the third! So is it H with a period or is it just H?

    H: Nope just H. That’s it.

    Dave: I love that! Were you the first kid in your class to learn how to spell your name?

    H: The very first one.

    Dave: Haha yeah I bet. All right well cool. H it’s nice to meet you. So my question is, “What is one unusual thing that you have brought with you to the dorm?” Something unusual.

    H: Ahhhh geez….

    Dave: You gotta be different, man. You gotta stand out from the pack.

    H: Yeah I know.

    Dave: I’m putting you on the spot here. You’re like “Gahhhh nothing!”

    H: I’m trying to think but yeah like really….oh CD’s!!!

    Dave: CD’s???!! What are these things?

    H: Nobody has CD’s anymore!

    Dave: Look at that! I’ve heard of these things! Wow! Weird!

    H: haha right?

    Dave: Very cool so you have actually a CD case.

    H: Yeah!

    Dave: I used to have one of those!

    H: I mean these are ancient artifacts for most people my age.

    Dave: Freaky Deaky!

    H: Look. Chris Daughtry’s first CD right here!

    Dave: All right. So CD’s. I don’t think anybody else brought any of those. You’re the only one, H.

    H: Probably!

    Dave: Well thanks for your answer, man.

    H: Yeah! No problem.

    Dave: Okay Sean so are you all moved in already?

    Sean Haley: No just got here.

    Dave: Well you found the place so that’s a good start. So what is one unusual thing that you brought with you to App or if not something unusual, something that you couldn’t live without. You had to bring (snaps fingers) this.

    Sean: Hmmmmmm

    Dave: I like your Cheerwine shirt.

    Sean: Thank you. Couldn’t come here without that.

    Dave: Haha yeah!

    Sean: Well, probably the bike.

    Dave: Is this your bike here?

    Sean: Yep.

    Dave: Pretty sweet. So is this something you’re planning on doing up here?

    Sean: Yeah. I love mountain biking and going all around and App is the perfect place to do it.

    Dave: Very cool! Well there is Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park. Did you know about that?

    Sean: Yup.

    Dave: It’s a pretty nice one. Well thanks, Sean. I appreciate it!

    Dave: Oh so here’s somebody from parking. Hey! I’m Dave Blanks and how’s the parking situation? Oh who am I talking to?

    Mary Shepherd: My name is Mary.

    Dave: So Mary, you’re directing traffic here today is that correct?

    Mary: Correct.

    Dave: So how long have you been at Appalachian?

    Mary: Sixteen and a half years.

    Dave: Okay! So you’ve seen a few move in days.

    Mary: Oh yes.

    Dave: So is this one going like pretty well so far do you think?

    Mary: This one is going awesome so far.

    Dave: Okay good. It seems like a well-oiled machine. Thanks for your hard work and keep it up!

    Mary: Thank you!

    Dave: All right Audra so you’re new to App?

    Audra Wisor: Yes.

    Dave: You’re an incoming Freshman?

    Audra: Yes.

    Dave: Welcome to App!

    Audra: Thank you.

    Dave: What is the one unusual thing that Audra brought with her to App State? Maybe something that nobody else brought.

    Audra: A canopy.

    Dave: You brought a canopy?

    Audra: Yeah I brought a canopy to go over the bed. It’s a little black canopy.

    Dave: oh wow! Is that something that you were really used to sleeping with at home and you were like, “Gotta have a canopy?”

    Audra: No. I’m just a nook person. I like to be enclosed.

    Dave: Oh cool. Well cool.

    Audra: I hope it works. The command hooks are up now.

    Dave: Well, is that a whole ordeal…the whole canopy thing?

    Audra: yes.

    Dave: Well best of luck on the canopy endeavor.

    Audra: Thank you. I hope it works.

    Dave: Me too.

    Dave: So Nikki, what is one thing that you have brought with you to Appalachian State that is unusual…or something that there is no way anybody else brought (this)

    Nikki Hendrix: Okay I actually have two can I say two

    Dave: Sure go to town!

    Nikki: Okay. I have a cat pillow. It has cats on it. Another thing I have is a big picture collage shaped in the form of mountains. I made it myself.

    Dave: Cool. What are the pictures of?

    Nikki: Just me and my friends and family. Instead of just putting individual pictures up I thought I would kill two birds with one stone.

    Dave: Awesome! So you got the mountain thing for App State and then the fam. That’s very cool! That’s a great answer!

    Nikki: Thank you.

    Noah Fueston: I’m Noah Fueston.

    Dave: What is the one unusual thing that Noah brought with him to Appalachian State?

    NoaH: I brought a poster with all 150 original Pokémon on it.

    Dave: is this something that you couldn’t do without?

    NoaH: Yeah.

    Dave: All right. So Pokémon are very close to your heart.

    NoaH: Yeah.

    Dave: Excellent. Do you play Pokémon Go?

    NoaH: I did for a little while but…

    Dave: Yeah you burned out on it right?

    NoaH: Yeah.

    Dave: Yeah I think most people did. Some of my friends are still hanging in there and still looking for them. So what’s your favorite Pokémon?

    NoaH: Gengar.

    Dave: Gengar. All right. Excellent.

    Dave: So Mikel, you’re new to App State. Welcome! What’s one unusual thing that you brought with you to App State.

    Mikel Smalle: I brought a pair of skis.

    Dave: Are they special skis?

    Mikael: Yes they’re a competitive downhill ski.

    Dave: Ahhh cool is that part of the reason you came here?

    Mikel: Yes. I want to join the App State ski club.

    Dave: Sweet so do you have a lot of experience with downhill?

    Mikel: Yes I’ve been racing for about ten years now.

    Dave: Ten years? So when did you start?

    Mikel: I started around age 8. I’ve been on the NC, VA and West Virginia state ski teams for the last four years.

    Dave: Cool man! Welcome to App! Good luck in your skiing and in your studies.

    Dave: So the question is what’s one unusual thing you brought with you to ASU?

    Dana Morris: I have a little hippo trinket. It’s my favorite thing. It’s yellow and memorable and I like it.

    Dave: So it’s like a trinket that you wear?

    Dana: No it’s just like a little paperweight thing. It’s on my desk.

    Dave: Does it have a name?

    Dana: Not really.

    Dave: It should right?

    Dana: I know Yeah. I’ll think about it.

    Dave: Excellent so what about you? Is there anything unusual that you brought with you to Appalachian State?

    Maggie Krier: ummmmmmm

    Dave: You thought of hers.

    Maggie: I know because I thought of her hippo right away.

    Dave: Are y’all rooming together?

    Both: yeah.

    Dave: Okay cool. That’s great. You seem to get along. That’s good. Did you know each other prior to?

    Maggie: No we met on Facebook. It’s like an online date?

    Dave: Cool. Haha yeah it kinda is like online dating. Haha. We didn’t have that when I came to App, which was 2000. It was many moons ago. They just matched you up with someone and you called them. I was like, “Hey so you like this movie?” and he was like, “Yeah I like that movie!”

    Maggie: Wow things have changed!

    Dave: yeah they have. All right so there is nothing unusual but what about something that you can’t live without?

    Maggie: I had to bring my water bottle. I bring it everywhere.

    Dana: She takes it everywhere.

    Dave: everywhere you go? What’s special about it? It looks pretty cool.

    Dana: It’s yellow. Go neers.

    Dave: It is yellow! That’s appropriate for App! Excellent.

    Dave: Okay what’s your name?

    Ophelie Gautier: Ophelie Gautier.

    Dave: I would not be able to spell that. Okay so you’re new to App. Welcome! So you’re all moved in and everything?

    Ophelie: Yeah.

    Dave: And you said you’re an international student did you?

    Ophelie: yeah.

    Dave: Well where are you from?

    Ophelie: France.

    Dave: From France. I could have guessed that.

    Other voice: I’m from France as well.

    Dave: So is this y’alls first trip to the United States?

    Both: yeah.

    Lea Baudre: My name is Lea Baudre. You have to say the “ehkk”

    Dave: I feel like I’m not doing a good job at it. Haha so what’s one unusual thing that you brought?

    Lea: Okay so I like to make fun of that. This is the thing that I sleep with. My roommate calls it a stuffed animal but it is not a stuffed animal. It is my favorite thing that I’ve had since I was born. I just can’t get rid of that so…

    Dave: Well what is it?

    Lea: In French it’s Deux Deux. It’s a stuffed animal but it’s not because I love it.

    Dave: It’s important.

    Lea: Yeah It’s important for me because it’s something from home and it reminds me of France and it reminds me of my family.

    Dave: Yeah but what is it? Is it a dog?

    Lea: it’s uhhh I don’t know. It has ears?

    Dave: Okay Deux Deux has ears.

    Lea: I think it’s a dog. But it’s a cross between a dog and a rabbit. But it’s very beautiful.

    Dave: It sounds breath taking. It sounds completely beautiful.

    Ophelie: Mine is a blue dog.

    Dave: Okay cool. Does it have a name?

    Ophelie: Chouquette

    Dave: What does that mean?

    Lea: It’s French for cake.

    Ophelie: So delicious.

    Dave: Well thank y’all very much and welcome to App. I hope it goes well for you. I’m glad you’re here.

    Dave: So what is your first and last name and how do you spell it?

    Raquel Garcia Moreno Ruiz: Oh I don’t know how to spell in English!

    Dave: Well why don’t you just say your name.

    Raquel: Raquel.

    Dave: Okay and how would you spelled it in …

    Raquel: In Spain? (spells R-A-Q-U-E-L)

    Juan Diaz: I know how to spell it.

    Dave: You do? Well how do you spell it?

    Juan: (Juan spells Raquel’s NSpells English and Dave understands)

    Dave: Raquel! It’s cooler when you say it.

    Dave: And what is your name sir?

    Juan: Juan Diaz

    Dave: So where are y’all from?

    Juan: Seville in southern Spain.

    Raquel: Madrid the capital.

    Dave: So you’re new to App. Welcome! What is one thing that you have brought with you to App that is unusual?

    Raquel: Woooo…I don’t know. Maybe my sound device to record things. It’s used to put your microphone into your computer.

    Dave: Cool like so you can Skype and stuff?

    Raquel: No I’m in music creation so I sing and I need something to get my mic into the computer.

    Dave: So who makes it? What brand is it? Do you know?

    Raquel: M-Audio

    Dave: Cool! I have some M-Audio gear.

    Raquel: I want to change to a Scarlett.

    Dave: So what is one thing that you brought with you Juan, that is unusual?

    Juan: In my dorm I brought shoes. No one else is wearing shoes so that’s unusual.

    Dave: No one has shoes?

    Juan: No.

    Dave: Do you think you’ll end up going barefoot?

    Juan: No I don’t think so.

    Dave: No you don’t think so? What are you wearing? Oh some lovely Nike’s. Well thank y’all so much. I appreciate you let me take up so much of your time.

    Ivan Milosevic: My name is Ivan Milicevic.

    Dave: Okay, I'm getting a lot of International students!

    Ivan: Yeah, I'm from Croatia.

    Dave: Oh, Croatia! Okay, cool. How do you spell your name Ivan?

    Ivan: I-V-A-N.

    Dave: Oh, Ivan...Ivan. So Ivan, what is one unusual thing, a strange something that only you probably brought with you to Appalachian State?

    Ivan: Well, that's got to be my Croatian candy.

    Dave: Croatian candy?!

    Ivan: Yeah!

    Dave: Is Croatia known for candy, is that a big thing?

    Ivan: Well, we have really good chocolate, and that's what I brought...chocolate and cookies with chocolate.

    Dave: Did you bring a lot of them?

    Ivan: Well, pretty much, but also they have a Croatian part of Amazon where you can order them so, it's a bit more expensive but

    Dave: Cool! Worth it huh? It's like a taste of home.

    Ivan: Yeah!

    Dave: Is this your first trip to the United States?

    Ivan: Ah, no. I've been here in high school in Winston Salem for two years.

    Dave: Oh all right so not far off! So what are you studying?

    Ivan: Business.

    Dave: Business!

    Ivan: Yes, finance and banking.

    Dave: Excellent! Well, it was very nice to meet you, Ivan.

    Ivan: Nice to meet you too!

    Dave: I feel like I'm messing up everybody's language.

    Hannah Larson: Hannah Larson.

    Dave: So, what's one thing you brought with you that's unusual?

    Hannah: I brought a plant, because I like plants.

    Dave: Excellent! What kind of plant did you bring?

    Hannah: A cactus!

    Dave: Did you just bring one?

    Hannah: Yeah, I have 18 at home.

    Dave: 18 cacti. So is it some specific kind of cactus that you brought?

    Hannah: No.

    Dave: Does it have a name?

    Hannah: No, but one them does.

    Dave: Which one has a name and what is the name of the cactus?

    Hannah: I have a 26-pound cactus named Jeffrey.

    Dave: Oh my God! 26 pounds? How big was it when you got it?

    Hannah: 26 pounds.

    Dave: I thought you were going to say it was like a tiny seed. Well, that's funky. So you didn't bring Jeffrey, but you brought another one that doesn't have a name yet. How do you name them? Do you get a vibe for their personality and then...

    Hannah: Jeffrey is the only one who has a name.

    Dave: All right, fair enough. He's a special cactus.

    Dave: So, Angelina?

    Angelina Nacca: Yes.

    Dave: Cool, so what's one unusual thing you brought with you to App?

    Angelina: I brought a tie-dye fanny pack.

    Dave: That's super unusual, I have not seen one of those. So is there some significance to this tie-dye backpack? Is there a story behind it?

    Angelina: Not really, it's part of my collection.

    Dave: You have a fanny pack collection?

    Angelina: I do, yeah.

    Dave: That's super weird! Is that the only one you brought? 

    Angelina: Yeah, I only brought the tie-dye one. I left the rest at home.

    Dave: I really wish you were wearing one right now because you're not.

    Angelina: Yeah, I know, me too!

    Dave: Darn it! All right cool, that's super weird, good answer.

    Dave: So I think that will be all of the people I'll hassle today. Thanks so much to everyone who allowed me to take him or her away from their busy move-in day activities. Thanks to all the volunteers for helping out and making move in day painless for all of the parents and the brand new Mountaineers. Welcome to App! #WelcomeToApp I'm Dave Blanks and this has been Dave By The Bell.