Dave by the Bell: EveryDave Essentials

University Communications' resident nosy person, Dave Blanks, and UComm intern Alyssa Rodriguez walk around Appalachian's campus asking students to share the one thing they'd never want to leave the house without.


  • Dave Blanks: Hey everybody I’m Dave Blanks and this is another Dave by the Bell. On this Dave by the Bell, I’m joined by intern Alyssa, hello Alyssa.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Hello

    Dave Blanks: How’s it going?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Well.

    Dave Blanks: So, what are you going to be doing with the Dave by the Bell gang?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I’m going to be taking pictures.

    Dave Blanks: You’re our Dave By the Bell photographer!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: That’s me!

    Dave Blanks: I’m excited!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: me too.

    Dave Blanks: Alright let’s go.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Let’s go.

    Dave Blanks: Alright so the question for today is “What is something that you carry” -- There goes Alyssa she ran away- “What is something that you carry with you every day that you wouldn’t want to leave the house without?” that is hopefully not your cell phone cause that is lame and hopefully everybody wont answer that. You carry your-- because I already asked you-- you said you carry what? Your phone charger?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yes, headphones and chapstick.

    Dave Blanks: Oh yeah, it was chapstick. And I was like is it a certain kind of chapstick and you said--

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Candy cane chapstick

    Dave Blanks: Candy cane, alright. Everybody is out because it’s like 70 degrees outside.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: 70, 72.

    Dave Blanks: What about this girl who’s reading?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Headphones.

    Dave Blanks: Headphones?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: I’m still going to ask her.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Okay.

    Dave Blanks: So, what is your name?

    Faith Tipton: Faith Tipton.

    Dave Blanks: So, okay here’s our question, Faith. Every day you get ready and you carry things with you throughout your day, you probably carry a cellphone, is that right?

    Faith Tipton: Yep.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so, is there anything else that you bring with you in your day that if you left your house you would be like dang it, I left “this”.

    Faith Tipton: Aw man.

    Dave Blanks: Something that like is, irreplaceable.

    Faith Tipton: Irreplaceable, essential.

    Dave Blanks: Essential.

    Faith Tipton: I wear this necklace all the time.

    Dave Blanks: Okay.

    Faith Tipton: I always bring a you know crippling sense of existential dread you know that’s necessary.

    Dave Blanks: Don’t leave home without it!

    Faith Tipton: Never! Never, never.

    Dave Blanks: That was a great answer! Necklace, existential dread. So, thanks a lot Faith.

    Faith Tipton: Yeah, absolutely!

    Dave Blanks: Have a good day, thanks for bearing with us.

    Faith Tipton: Thanks, you too, absolutely.

    Dave Blanks: Alright.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I didn’t see that coming, that was good.

    Dave Blanks: Crippling sense

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Of existential dread.

    Dave Blanks: That was great. What about her, hey excuse me, hi, you don’t even have headphones in, look at you.

    Abbey Adams: Hi, no I don’t.

    Dave Blanks: Hearing the world!

    Abby Adams: I know!

    Dave Blanks: So, what is something that if you left your house without it, you’d be super bummed?

    Abbey Adams: A camera.

    Dave Blanks: A camera?

    Abbey Adams: Mhm.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, alright. Do you have a camera on you right now?

    Abbey Adams: No and I’m bummed.

    Dave Blanks: Oh no!

    Dave Blanks: Alright Thorin so, is there anything aside from a cellphone that you don’t want to leave the house without. What’s the one thing you wouldn’t want to be without?

    Thorin George:: Well, well Dave, I’d say the one thing that I don’t want to be without is this guy right here.

    Dave Blanks: Aw! That one right there?

    Thorin George:: This one right here.

    Dave Blanks: Who is that?

    Thorin George:: This is one of my best friends, Kevin White. He is the love of my life. So great.

    Dave Blanks: That’s awesome. What a fantastic answer guys!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I love this, my favorite one.

    Dave Blanks: Aw, I’m getting a little choked up. Alright, thanks fellas. Y’all have a good day.

    Thorin George:: You too! Thank you!

    Dave Blanks: oh, they got a Frisbee, I wonder if their thing is going to be Frisbee.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Maybe.

    Dave Blanks: Maybe so.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Maybe.

    Matthew Burr: I’m a big podcast guy.

    Dave Blanks: Okay alright, excellent excellent. What podcast do you like?

    Matthew Burr: Pardon My Take, barstool sports.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, is that like pardon the interruption?

    Matthew Burr: So, it’s like a spinoff of pardon the interruption and first take, and ESPN actually sent them a cease and desist letter and they sent a cease and desist letter back to them.

    Dave Blanks: Alright so, pardon my take.

    Matthew Burr: At Barstool Sports.com

    Dave Blanks: What is your name Mr. Podcast Aficionado?

    Matthew Burr: My name is Matthew Burr.

    Dave Blanks: Alright so Matthew, every day you get ready for your big day, when you leave the house if you have forgotten his item you’ll be super bummed out.

    Matthew Burr: That’d be my headphones.

    Dave Blanks: Your headphones? Alright are they special headphones?

    Matthew Burr: They are wireless.

    Dave Blanks: Okay.

    Matthew Burr: I had to buy them in replacement for my nice headphones when my headphones broke.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, so these are crummy wireless headphones?

    Matthew Burr: No, these are actually pretty decent wireless headphones for the price.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, okay.

    Matthew Burr: They’re like 30 bucks and the look just like beats and they’re just like beats.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, would you guys be willing to answer my question possibly?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: You have all the same answers?

    Jacob Culler: I mean to be honest, headphones for sure.

    Dave Blanks: Headphones?

    Jacob Culler: I walk everywhere with headphones.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, yeah.

    Jacob Culler: If I’m not walking with someone so.

    Dave Blanks: So, you have the invisible headphones.

    The Friendly Invisible Man: I have the invisible ones.

    Dave Blanks: You have the traditional apple headphones and you have the deats by bae.

    Matthew Burr: The Deats by Bae, yeah.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Perfect!

    Dave Blanks: Alright, excellent. Thanks guys! Alright, well y’all have a good day.

    Matthew Burr: Hey, you too.

    Dave Blanks: We appreciate it very much.

    Samara Santiago: So, most of the time if I’m getting ready for my day you know, especially if I’m just on campus I always make sure I have my Swiss army knife with me, which is like on my keychain, I always keep it with me. I like being prepared, having like scissors or a corkscrew.

    Dave Blanks: Why are you going to need a corkscrew?

    Samara Santiago: I don’t know!

    Dave Blanks: No reason!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Just in case!

    Dave Blanks: Wonderful, thank you very much, Samara.

    Samara Santiago: Yeah, no problem.

    Dave Blanks: Alright cool so what is your name?

    Valencia Jock: Valencia Jock.

    Dave Blanks: What is it that you, if you left the house without would be very very distraught about?

    Valencia Jock: Actually, I carry my deodorant in my purse because if I left it at home I would absolutely forget it in a heartbeat because I’m just a really forgetful person. So, I like carry, sometimes I’ll put like cosmetics in my bag cause I just like, if I forget like just don’t put them on in the morning I’ll just like forget them like completely.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, I get ya!

    Valencia Jock: Yeah!

    Dave Blanks: Awesome! Alright, so deodorant.

    Valencia Jock: Yeah! That’s pretty weird.

    Josh Reeder: Josh Reeder.

    Dave Blanks: And what is your name sir?

    Daniel Fabiano: Daniel Fabiano. Yeah on this campus with the wind you definitely need to keep a hat on you at all times, especially with long hair, you know?

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, both of you guys are rocking some hats. Oh, you got the Yeti one, you got the, what is that?

    Josh Reeder: This is Memphis Tigers, it’s a college in obviously Memphis Tennessee.

    Dave Blanks: Cool! Right on, so do you have a different answer? Other than the hat? That was a good one.

    Josh Reeder: Well, I always carry around this, these are dog tags. They just say my name on them. They’re kind of special because my dad gave them to me, he went to D.C and something that I can carry around. He’s kind of with me.

    Dave Blanks: Remind you of him?

    Josh Reeder: Yeah, yeah yeah. My parents are always with me so.

    Dave Blanks: That’s cool man. Excellent.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: That was good.

    Dave Blanks: Awesome guys.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Thanks!

    Dave Blanks: Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

    Daniel Fabiano: Yeah, no problem! Good luck!

    Dave Blanks: Thank you.

    Emily Bubnis: Emily Bubnis.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so Emily, is there anything aside from your cell phone that you have to bring with you, if you don’t have this you’ll be super bummed out.

    Emily Bubnis: I definitely need my coffee.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, the coffee. Good answer! That was good! Alright, thanks a lot.

    Dave Blanks: Alright.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: It’s hot out here.

    Dave Blanks: God, I know. I’m wearing a stupid wool hat.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I’m wearing a jacket but I don’t want to take it off cause then I’ll have to carry it.

    Dave Blanks: You could do the tie it around your waist thing.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Never.

    Dave Blanks: Does that look lame?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yeah. Unless somebody is doing it, then it’s not lame.

    Dave Blanks: Unless somebody is doing?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Other than me.

    Dave Blanks: Oh okay, it only looks lame--

    Alyssa Rodriguez: If I do it.

    Dave Blanks: Oh, okay alright. You’re so hard on yourself, Alyssa.

    James Staley: I’m James Staley.

    Dave Blanks: Okay cool so James, every day and same question for all of y’all is there anything aside from your headphones and your cellphone that you’re bringing with you that if you left the house with this thing you’d be like dang I wish I had my...

    James Staley: My wallet and my keys.

    Dave Blanks: Those are good, those are good. Is there anything special about your wallet and your keys or are they your pretty standard wallet and keys?

    James Staley: They’re pretty standard wallet and keys, I just you know need to have money on me and not lock myself out of my apartment.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, well thanks for your answer. What about y'all do y’all have an answer possibly maybe? You think?

    Liz Orange: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: What is your name? It looks like Liz from the university bookstore.

    Liz Orange: Yeah, I’m Liz Orange.

    Dave Blanks: I’ve never met anybody with the last name Orange that’s a very cool name. So, Liz you get ready for your day and you bring things with you, you heard my spiel, so what is something you bring with you that if you left the house without you would be sorely sad about?

    Liz Orange: Definitely my coffee in the morning.

    Dave Blanks: That’s a great answer. And you, what is your name ma’am?

    Mary Kate McCann: My name is Mary Kate McCann.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so Mary Kate, what is something that if you leave the house without you’ll be really bummed out about? It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you hold in your hand.

    Liz Orange: Your Pegasus pencil pouch.

    Mary Kate McCann: Oh my gosh, honestly probably my Pegasus pencil pouch you’re so right, Liz.

    Dave Blanks: I’m sorry?

    Mary Kate McCann: I’ll show you.

    Dave Blanks: Yes, please! Can we get a picture of your Pegasus pencil pouch? It’s beautiful!

    Mary Kate McCann: But it has all the things I need in it--

    Dave Blanks: So, you got to tell me what you carry in your Pegasus pencil pouch.

    Mary Kate McCann: I will tell you. So, I keep all my pencils in it, obviously.

    Dave Blanks: Right, it’s the Pegasus pencil pouch.

    Mary Kate McCann: All the pencils, all the pens, but also all the dry erase board markers and highlighters and tiny baby sticky notes that you put in books and what not.

    Dave Blanks: Wow! Yeah! You’re so organized.

    Mary Kate McCann: Yeah! I’m so ready, I have paper clips--

    Dave Blanks: Look at you! Oh my gosh.

    Mary Kate McCann: Yeah, so it’s really everything you need to school.

    Dave Blanks: How long have you carried your Pegasus pencil pouch?

    Mary Kate McCann: Well, my tiny baby sister, who is actually 18 years old, gave me this pencil pouch for Christmas and it is just so in line with my personality and I love it.

    Dave Blanks: So, you have a tiny baby sister and a Pegasus pencil pouch?

    Mary Kate McCann: Yes, that I do.

    Dave Blanks: You have some interesting word phrasing. Well, that’s really cool! Thank you for your time.

    Mary Kate McCann: Thank you!

    Dave Blanks: Okay, have a good day.

    Juliana Phillips: Sure.

    Dave Blanks: Okay excellent, what is your first and last name?

    Juliana Phillips Juliana Phillips, my water bottle.

    Dave Blanks: Is there something special about your water bottle?

    Juliana Phillips: It just holds a lot of water and I always need water throughout my day so.

    Dave Blanks: Super handy!

    Juliana Phillips: Yeah!

    Dave Blanks: Do you have your water bottle on you?

    Juliana Phillips: I do.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, can I see your water bottle?

    Juliana Phillips: Yes, I actually lost my original one so this is my new one.

    Dave Blanks: Like your original water bottle?

    Juliana Phillips: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, what stickers were on your original one? Do you miss them?

    Juliana Phillips: Yes. Ron Jon, stickers from Boone, New Hampshire.

    Dave Blanks: What is this “One of A Kind” one?

    Juliana Phillips: That’s also Ron Jon.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, alright cool. Thank you very much.

    Juliana Phillips: You’re welcome.

    Dave Blanks: I appreciate your answer very much.

    Juliana Phillips: You have a great day.

    Dave Blanks: You too. Enjoy the weather!

    Juliana Phillips: Thank you.

    Ivy Wagner: Ivy Wagner, my planner.

    Dave Blanks: The Planner. Alright, so you actually have a physical planner that you use?

    Ivy Wagner: Oh yeah, for sure.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah? Is it on you right now?

    Ivy Wagner: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so, why haven’t you, you don’t use like the digital stuff?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Google Calendar?

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, like Google Calendar.

    Ivy Wagner: I like to be able to have it in my hand, I like to be able to write it down. If I don’t write it down, I’m not going to remember it.

    Dave Blanks: I’m the same way! So, I feel like I use, I actually always have my Field Notes.

    Ivy Wagner: There we go.

    Dave Blanks: So, it’s like my planner kind of. I write lists in it and if I don’t write it in here, it’s not going to occur, it won’t happen. So, what kind of planner do you have? Can I see your planner?

    Ivy Wagner: You can, it’s a big one.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, it’s big?

    Ivy Wagner: Yeah.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Oh wow.

    Dave Blanks: That is a -- that is a honking big planner.

    Ivy Wagner: It works though.

    Dave Blanks: So, every year you have one of these new planners?

    Ivy Wagner: I had a brand change this year and that was pretty dramatic for me.

    Dave Blanks: Wow okay, so what was your previous brand?

    Ivy Wagner: I like Lilly Pulitzer before but now this is a Kate Spade so--

    Dave Blanks: It’s beautiful!

    Ivy Wagner: Yeah!

    Dave Blanks: It’s a lovely planner. Well, have a good day.

    Ivy Wagner: Alright, you too! Thank you, guys, yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Thank you for your answer.

    Dave Blanks: I think we got a lot of good answers.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I think so. Back to the bell!

    Dave Blanks: Do you want to keep-- yeah, we’re back to the bell. Alyssa,

    Alyssa Rodriguez: We’re by the bell, yes.

    Dave Blanks: We’re by the bell.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: At the bell.

    Dave Blanks: I’m very appreciative of your help as a photography intern today.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I’m happy I could come.

    Dave Blanks: Well, we’ll do it again.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: We will.

    Dave Blanks: Alright so, are you impressed by the answers or what?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yeah, our students carry some really cool stuff!

    Dave Blanks: Agreed. On the next Dave by the Bell we’ll discuss transcendental meditation.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Why?

    Dave Blanks: Probably not, we probably won’t.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Why?

    Dave Blanks: I don’t know. I don’t know what we’re doing on the next one.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: We’re going to talk about existential dread.

    Dave Blanks: Existential dread and chapstick.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Perfect!

    Dave Blanks: I’m Dave Blanks and this has been Dave by the Bell.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, let’s do it for real. Let’s record this time.