Dave by the Bell: Homecoming Hijinks 2018

Dave Blanks interviews students to find out what their Homecoming plans are.


  • Dave Blanks: So it’s me Dave. Hello once again. Dave Blanks. I’m hanging out in my office in the bottom of Anne Belk and Alyssa is here our intern. Hey Alyssa!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Woop Woop.

    DB: You’re gonna come along right?

    AR: Yeah, I am.

    DB: You’re gonna take a picture or two?

    AR: I’m gonna take a picture or two.

    DB: And chat it up. So do you think we should talk to students about homecoming or I have a cool one that’s on the shelf that I’ve had for a while that is, “without context, what was the last text message you sent?” So that one is super nosey.

    AR: But it’s gonna be funny probably.

    DB: It could be very funny. We gotta do a Homecoming one. Alright well let's go ask people about homecoming.

    AR: What a day!

    DB: Wow!

    AR: It’s kind or gloomy.

    DB: Yeah it’s a little overcast.

    AR: Fallish

    DB: Umm yeah! It is fallish. That’s what people expect when they come to Homecoming here at App.

    AR: It really is fallish! Hear that crow? It’s Halloween.

    DB: Yeah I did hear that crow.

    Brandon Torres: I’m Brandon Torres.

    DB: So Brandon Torres do you have any bigtime homecoming plans for this weekend? Did you know it was Homecoming?

    BT: I did.

    DB: All right! Excellent start! Do you have any plans for this weekend related to Homecoming?

    BT: I’m actually going back home his weekend.

    DB: Oh! You’re going home for Homecoming! I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    AR: Quite literal.

    DB: They’re supposed to come here, right?

    BT: Well yeah.

    DB: All right well, where is home?

    BT: Durham, North Carolina.

    DB: Okay, so a little bit of a drive.

    BT: Yeah two and a half hours.

    DB: Well be safe! Okay?

    BT: All right.

    DB: Hey lets ask Brandon. So Brandon, also Brandon, Hello Brandon how are you?

    Brandon Melchor: I am good.

    DB: What is your full name Brandon?

    BM: My name is Brandon Melchor.

    DB: Okay, so Brandon do you have any Homecoming plans for this weekend? Whatcha got in store for ya?

    BM: Party.

    DB: Yeah Yeah? Are you partying with people that are coming into town or are you partying with people that are currently in town?

    BM: Whoever wanna party.

    DB: Anybody! All access party with Brandon. All right cool. Well thanks guys! I really appreciate your answers! Have a safe and fun Homecoming weekend.

    Kristen Whitworth: I’m Kristen Whitworth.

    DB: So did you know it was Homecoming weekend?

    KW: Yes.

    DB: All right! Do you have any Homecoming plans?

    KW: I was going to go to the carnival but it’s cancelled

    DB: So Netflix and chill.

    KW: Yeah.

    DB: Dannnnnnng. Well thanks for your answer.

    KW: No problem!

    DB: Do you wanna ask this dude?

    AR: Yeah

    DB: Okay we’ll ask him.

    Tyler Taylor: I’m Tyler Taylor.

    DB: So the question is, “Did you know it was Homecoming this weekend?”

    TT: Uhhh no.

    AR: whaaaaaaat?

    DB: You didn’t know it was Homecoming this weekend? You just found out right now?

    TT: Yeah.

    DB: Alright that’s cool. So did you already...I guess I can’t ask you if you had Homecoming plans because you didn’t know it was Homecoming! So now you know!

    TT: Now I know.

    DB: All right so you can make plans. What’s going on?

    AR: Apptoberfest, The parade, Lip Sync, Step Show, Football game…

    DB: Any of these strike your fancy?

    TT: The football game.

    DB: All right we’ll sign you up for the football game. We’ll see you there.

    TT: Cool. I appreciate it.

    DB: I appreciate you. Thanks for your answer.

    AR: Good to meet you Tyler Taylor.

    DB: What’s up guys?

    Guys: Hey! Hows it going?

    DB: Hey! Would you be willing to answer my question? Maybe you heard my spiel? So what is your name sir?

    Benny Miller: I’m Benny Miller.

    DB: Okay cool. So did you know it was Homecoming?

    BM: Yes. Just because I heard you over there say it. So I just found out too!

    DB: Well so you didn’t have Homecoming plans either.

    BM: No.

    DB: So are you going to the game?

    BM: Yeah. Of course.

    DB: Definetly going to the game.

    BM: Gotta support the boys.

    DB: That will work! What about you?

    Ethan Cordero: I’m Ethan Cordero.

    DB: Ok so is it a similar senario? None of you guys knew it was Homecoming?

    EC: I’ve seen some things around. I’ve seen posts about it but yeah. I’m obviously going to the game you know supporting the school.

    DB: But nobody is like, “Oh Homecoming! Awesome!” Alyssa is like that right?

    AR: I’m Homecoming as heck.

    DB: Yeah Yeah she is super Homecoming. But I really wasn’t like that when I was in school either but that’s cool.

    EC: I’m kinda more excited for Halloween.

    DB: Yeah! Absolutely so have you figured out your costume?

    EC: I have figured out other peoples costumes but I don’t know much about mine. Usually I go with a zombie look.

    DB: Sure. Timeless. Timeless zombie. Well thanks for your answers I really appreciate it. Enjoy your Homecoming weekend!

    Both: Thanks for letting us know!

    DB: Yeah sure! Have fun at the game!

    ER: Dave, we’re really educating the public.

    DB: I know in fact alot of the students didn’t know it was homecoming.

    It’s so loud walking through this area right here which is funny because you know where it is?

    AR: Where?

    DB: by the…

    AR: Oh! By the bell!

    DB: Yeah it’s super loud!

    AR: I didn’t get it.

    Angel Nhaar: I am Angel Nhaar.

    DB: All right so Angel, did you know it was Homecoming this weekend?

    AN: naahhhhhh

    DB: You didn’t know that?!

    AR: What!

    AN: I did I did!

    DB: Wait please dont lie!

    AN: I have a friend that is running for Homecoming court.

    DB: Oh that’s cool. Do you vote for them?

    AN: I haven’t voted for her yet but I will.

    DB: Well you better. Well, give her a shout out what’s her name?

    AN: Rachel Gallardo!

    DB: Get it Rachel! So do you have plans for this weekend?

    AN: Yes actually I’m on the wrestling team and we’re getting our rings during halftime for winning SoCon. So we got that and probably turn up after that.

    DB: Have a fun time!

    AN: Yeah I appreciate it.

    Sheridan Wood: I’m Sheridan Wood.

    DB: Did you know it was homecoming this weekend?

    SW: I did!

    DB: Well congratulations. You’re one of the few who did!

    SW: Wow! Yes I definetly knew that.

    DB: So what are your plans, Sheridan, for this weekend?

    SW: I am actually in a sorority. I am in Alpha Phi and I have functions this weekend. We have a tailgate on Saturday.

    DB: Cool! Are you actually going to hang out for the game?

    SW: Yes!

    DB: Cool! Well, Sheridan have fun this weekend.

    DB: Alyssa, that was a good answer from Sheridan. This is where we have to part ways.

    AR: This is a sad moment for me.

    DB: Learn alot.

    AR: I will.

    DB: So now I’m on my own. No more Alyssa taking pictures. Maybe I’ll get some people.

    Aryonna Noblitt: I’m Aryonna Noblitt.

    DB: Aryonna Noblitt did you know that it was Homecoming this weekend?

    AN: I did!

    DB: Are you excited about Homecoming this weekend?

    AN: No because I have to work.

    DB: Oh no! On campus or are you working somewhere in town?

    AN: No, Out of town.

    DB: So where do you have to work?

    AN: Spruce Pine.

    DB: So my question was what are your plans for Homecoming but you gotta work. Well I’m sorry you cant hang out for Homecoming and have fun.

    AN: Me too!

    DB: Well, get to work. Go! Thank you for your answer. Well, folks it’s starting to sprinkle on me. I could give people a rundown of what’s going on for Homecoming. I guess I’ll do that. I have to go back to my office and find that piece of paper.

    Chris Grulke: Where is Melissa?

    DB: Her name is Alyssa and she is gone. Where is that paper?

    (paper rustles)

    DB: So here is a rundown (thanks Chris) of all the fun stuff going on for Homecoming for this weekend. On Tuesday, which has already passed, there is some really cool stuff. The coolest stuff happens on Tuesday. Wednesday there is a carnival but actually that was canceled.

    CG: Dave why don’t you catch your breath?

    DB: (dave gasping/wheezing) There is a canceled carnival. There’s a carnival.

    The Homecoming parade happens on Friday from 6-7 so that will be fun. You should go do that. People can’t throw candy anymore Chris like they use to.

    CG: I think we still do that.

    DB: You’re not supposed to but yeah.

    CG: If it’s Tootsie Rolls you’re go.

    DB: If it’s hard candy...wherthers.

    CG: If it’s anything harder than a Jolly Rancher…

    DB: You ever caught a Wherther’s to the dome?

    CG: I caught a cabbage to the dome in the New Orleans St. Patrick’s day parade.

    DB: What?! (wheezing continues haha) They throw cabbage?

    CG: They throw cabbage.

    DB: Wow! That’s cool. Apptoberfest Street Festival featuring music from Weekend Excursion is Friday Night from 7 to 9:30 on Howard Street in downtown Boone. Friday night your dogs are gonna freak out cause there is fireworks and a bonfire and the NPHC plot and garden dedication happens on Saturday morning at 10am right beside the Chancellor’s building near the veterans memorial. Yeah and isn’t there a football game?

    CG: (typing) yeah I think so.

    DB: Yeah they’re playing some foosball. That’s your Homecoming.appstate.edu! Check it out! I’m Dave Blanks and this has been one scatterbrained Dave by the Bell. Right Chris?

    CG: yup.

    DB: Thank you Chris for that. Thank you.