Dave by the Bell: Who's Text is it Anyway?

UComm's Dave Blanks and intern Alyssa Rodriguez attempt to guess the often vague meaning of App student's last sent text messages.


  • Dave Blanks: Uh, hello everybody, it's me, Dave Blanks--

    Alyssa Rodriguez: And Alyssa!

    Dave Blanks: And our intern Alyssa, and we're hanging out in my office in the bottom of Anne Belk and we're getting ready to go out on a lovely Thursday, October the fourth to do another Dave by the Bell and the Dave by the Bell topic for today is…

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Without context, what was the last text message you sent?

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, that's it. Without wearing your contacts.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Contacts? I said context!

    Dave Blanks: If we want to guess which ones we might get most frequently, what would you guess?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Lol

    Dave Blanks: We'll get a lot of “lol”s, we’ll get a lot of “Okay”s. That's probably okay, those are our guesses.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: What's yours, Dave?

    Dave Blanks: I said okay! Oh, alright. Yeah, yeah, that's a good idea.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: What’s your last text message?

    Dave Blanks: Okay. I said “Haha well it's weird, but should still work in my favor”.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Words to live by.

    Dave Blanks: No explanation needed there. What about you?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I want to give context.

    Dave Blanks: You can’t!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: But, I want to.

    Dave Blanks: Is it—okay—

    Alyssa Rodriguez: You’re just going to assume something different. Okay, My last text was “Good morning. Love and miss you too.”

    Dave Blanks: Oh, somebody special, huh?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: It was my Dad.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, well let's go out and ask some students. Should we start up top? Let's start by the bell. All right, so now we're by the actual bell.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: What a bell.

    Dave Blanks: Let's find somebody to talk to you.

    Ciara Sailar: I'm Ciara Sailar.

    Dave Blanks: Without giving us context, we're going to attempt to get the context of this. Can you read the last text message that you sent?

    Ciara Sailar: Oh god. It says “Haha, that's so weird.”

    Dave Blanks: Oh, so you found out something-- we're going to attempt to guess, but that's pretty vague. So, you found out something a strange—

    Ciara Sailar: Yes.

    Dave Blanks:  that you weren't expecting?

    Ciara Sailar: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: I don't think I can figure it out. So, what was it?

    Ciara Sailar: It was um, so, uh, a friends coming up, she used to go to Lees Macrae and she was talking about her GPS, like rerouting them to like, uh, New York City.

    Dave Blanks: What?? So, what did she put in there?

    Ciara Sailar: I don't know. I mean, I guess like to go back to Lees Macrae, I don't know, but she said they had to reroute to Harrisburg.

    Dave Blanks: Well that's weird. Haha that's so weird.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Haha that's weird.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks Ciara!

    MG: I'm Maggie sexton. I sent yes with two exclamation marks.

    Dave Blanks: Oh, you were super excited about something.

    MS: Yeah, a little bit.

    Dave Blanks: Did you, uh, did they ask you a question that you were excited to answer?

    MS: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: Okay. All right. Um, I don't think I can guess that—

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Too vague.

    Dave Blanks: It's far too vague.

    MS:  Do I need to --- now?

    Dave Blanks: Sure, what was the context?

    MS: Uh, they asked if they could call me today and I said, yes.

    Dave Blanks: Yes!! Two exclamation points. All right, well congratulations on that.

    MS: Well, thank you.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, thanks Maggie!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Oh, we’ll ask her!

    Dave Blanks: Alyssa knows somebody, so we'll ask them.

    Gaby Romero: I'm Gaby Romero.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Okay, cool. So, without context, we're going to try to guess the context of it. Can you read us your last text message that you sent?

    GB: Ohh.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: That’s what everybody says

    Dave Blanks & Alyssa Rodriguez: Ohhhhhhhhhh.

    Dave Blanks: And then they smile.

    Gaby Romero: Noo.

    Dave Blanks: What?? You can’t read it?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Oh, what is it!

    Dave Blanks: C’mon

    Alyssa Rodriguez: What is it? What is it?

    Gaby Romero: No, I don’t want to say it! It’s embarassing!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Oh, read it!

    Gaby Romero: No!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Read it!

    Gaby Romero: Oh, okay. So, you know like on twitter, like thoughts of dog.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yes.

    Gaby Romero: So it's this twitter account about like this dog and it's like, it's all of its thoughts. And the dog always says goob morning, like with a b instead of a d.

    Dave Blanks: Cause he's a dog.

    Gaby Romero: Yeah. So, it’s that.

    Dave Blanks: Aweeee.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: It just says goob morning?

    Gaby Romero: No. It's not anything bad. It's just embarassing.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Goob morning baby!

    Dave Blanks & Alyssa Rodriguez: Aweeee.

    Gaby Romero: Gross, I hate it.

    Dave Blanks: There’s nothing wrong with that!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: What’s your boyfriend’s name, give him a shoutout.

    Gaby Romero: No, I can't, I can't.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Give a shoutout!

    Gaby Romero: His name is Cele.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks for sharing.

    Gaby Romero: Yeah, no problem.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Thanks Gaby!! I hate you, Alyssa.

    Dave Blanks: Well have a goob afternoon.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: See you later!

    Gaby Romero: Thank you!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Oh, I’m going to say that every time!

    Lee Franklin: I'm Lee Franklin

    Dave Blanks: Can you read us the last text message that you sent out?

    Lee Franklin: Okay, let me see.

    Dave Blanks: Sometimes it's mundane.

    Lee Franklin: Damn.

    Dave Blanks: So, you could guess that maybe you were either disappointed or you were like commiserating with somebody like they had a failure. I don't think you had a failure. I think they had a failure. Right?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Maybe it was like a good thing.

    Dave Blanks: Something bad happened to somebody else?

    Lee Franklin: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

    Dave Blanks: They were disappointed.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: And you were just like “wow that sucks.”?

    Dave Blanks: Damn. I like that. Well thanks. Thanks Lee. So, where are you headed now?

    Lee Franklin:  I'm going to do voter registration.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Register some voters!

    Dave Blanks: Oh, that's important.

    Lee Franklin: are you registered to vote?

    Dave Blanks: I am. I am. Well, thanks for doing what you’re doing. Where are you doing that? Where can people get signed up to vote?

    Lee Franklin: You can get me to do it or anyone else walking around with a clipboard or you can go to the Board of Elections on King Street in the courthouse.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks Lee. Have a good day.

    Lee Franklin: See you guys.

    Megan Kearns: I'm Megan Kearns.

    Dave Blanks: Can you read me the last text message that you sent somebody?

    Megan Kearns: I know exactly what my last text message is and it's really specific. So, you're going to know. “How is Australia?”

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Who’s in Austrailia? We know someone in Australia!!!

    Dave Blanks: Is it Liz??? Is it Liz pope?

    Megan Kearns: No.

    Dave Blanks: Oh, okay.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Awe man.

    Dave Blanks: She was our old intern and she moved to Australia.

    Megan Kearns: No, that would have been really cool.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: That would’ve been literally the coolest thing. Let’s redo it and say YES.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, IT’S LIZ!

    Megan Kearns: Yes it is!!!

    Dave Blanks: Oh, LIZ!! Oh my god! I can’t believe it!

    Issac Johnson: Uh, I am Isaac Johnson. The less text message I sent was.

    Megan Kearns: That's it.

    Issac Johnson: Is that it? No worries.

    Dave Blanks: No worries? Excellent.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: No worries, Hakuna Matata!!

    Issac Johnson: Good luck.

    Dave Blanks: But it's like an upbeat attitude.

    Issac Johnson: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, no worries.

    Issac Johnson: It's pretty casual.

    Dave Blanks: Were they concerned that they slighted you or something like that, or did they let you down but you're kind of letting them off the hook?

    Issac Johnson: Uh, actually. Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Perfect.

    Dave Blanks: No worries.

    Issac Johnson: Yeah, exactly.

    Dave Blanks: Hakuna Matata, is that what you said?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yeah.

    Issac Johnson: I should start saying that instead.

    Dave Blanks: Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata. All right, Cool. Excellent. Well thank you all for your answers.

    Megan Kearns: You’re welcome.

    Issac Johnson: No worries, thank you.

    Dave Blanks: I feel pretty good. No worries, you said.

    Issac Johnson: Hakuna Matata

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, alright.

    Karolyn Martin: I'm Karolyn Martin.

    Dave Blanks: Where are we, Karolyn, by the way?

    Karolyn Martin: You're in the SGA office.

    Dave Blanks: Are you a member of SGA?

    Karolyn Martin: I am. I'm a freshmen class senator.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, Excellent.

    Karolyn Martin: Okay. I sent this meme. I'll show it to you.

    Dave Blanks: It’s a meme!

    Karolyn Martin: It’s a gif, it’s a gif—

    Dave Blanks: Well you’ll have to describe the GIF.

    Karolyn Martin: It says who's awesome?

    It's a guy in a shirt and then it points towards the screen, so if you—

    Dave Blanks: It's from-- It's from whose line is it anyway. That's Collin. That's what that show is. Did you ever watch whose line is it?

    Karolyn Martin: I just, I just sent.

    Dave Blanks: You were encouraging somebody—somebody was saying that they did something that they were supposed to do and then you were saying you're awesome.

    Karolyn Martin: No, I—

    Dave Blanks: No? darn it.

    Karolyn Martin: Okay, it’s okay. So, I wrote a to do list of the things I needed to get done today, but I didn't bring it with me. So, I asked my roommate when you went back to the room to send me a picture of it.

    Dave Blanks: And she did.

    Karolyn Martin: And she did.

    Dave Blanks: Wow. She's good people. Who's your roommate?

    Karolyn Martin: Uh, Laura Perrone. She's the best.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks, Laura.

    Karolyn Martin: Thanks, Laura. Shout out to Laura Perrone.

    Dave Blanks : So, who am I speaking with?

    DeJon Milbourne: DeJon Milbourne.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, so DeJon, you're the—aren’t you the president?

    DeJon Milbourne: Yes, yes I am.

    Dave Blanks: Of all students?

    DeJon Milbourne: Something like that.

    Dave Blanks: Something like that? We're going to attempt to guess the context. Can you read us the last text message that you sent?

    DeJon Milbourne: The last text I sent was to my older brother. Actually.

    Dave Blanks: Wait, wait, wait. Let us guess. Wow. I was going to try to guess the context.

    DeJon Milbourne: Oh No. Context?

    Dave Blanks: We were going to attempt to guess the context.

    DeJon Milbourne: Oh, so you just you want me to just read it?

    Dave Blanks: Just read it and then we'll be like, okay.

    DeJon Milbourne: So I just said what's up? Give me a call tonight.

    Dave Blanks: What's up? Give me a call. Okay. I'm going to guess it was your brother.

    DeJon Milbourne: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, well that's cool. Just one brother?

    DeJon Milbourne:  I have seven—

    Dave Blanks: Seven brothers?

    DeJon Milbourne: Well, I have seven siblings. Three brothers.

    Dave Blanks: Wow. That's a big family. Well DeJon. thank you for answer. I really appreciate it.

    DeJon Milbourne: It was nice to meet you.

    Dave Blanks: Nice to meet you too.

    Greg Steckbeck: I am Greg. Steckbeck. The last text message I sent was about five seconds ago.

    Dave Blanks: Okay. No context. Remember.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Don’t tell us what it was about.

    Greg Steckbeck: That was our second date.

    Dave Blanks: Oh, you were talking to a significant other.

    Greg Steckbeck: No.

    Dave Blanks: No. Darn it. I failed. Okay so, you were talking to someone about your significant other.

    Greg Steckbeck: Yes! Now you're on the right track.

    Dave Blanks: All right. All right.

    Greg Steckbeck: They asked if I was dating or if we were dating, and I said, I think, I think this counts, yeah.

    Dave Blanks: That was your second date.

    Greg Steckbeck: Mhm.

    Dave Blanks: Congratulations.

    Greg Steckbeck: Well, thank you very much.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's awesome.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: We’ll hope for a third!

    Dave Blanks: See ya man.

    Greg Steckbeck: See ya! Have a good one!

    Dave Blanks: Alright, you too! Yeah, I think we're going to head back. What do you, what do you think? I feel like we got some good answers.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I think we got a LOT of good answers.

    Dave Blanks: We got-- I'm going to point out that we got zero “okay”s and zero “lol”s. Yeah, there were none.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: That's true.

    Chris Grulke: Alyssa I need you!

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Why do you need me?

    Dave Blanks: We had one girl that had a, a Gif or Jif depending on if you want to be a Weirdo and say Jif, which is actually what you're supposed to say.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: My second sent text message is “How is someone attractive and talented?”

    Dave Blanks: Mm.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Things to think about.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, I ponder that every morning as I stare at myself in the mirror. Well Alyssa, we had a lot of good answers.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Well like, do you need anything else?

    Dave Blanks: Well, thanks Alyssa for your help.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: You're welcome.

    Dave Blanks: I really appreciate it.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: You added a lot.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I did.

    Dave Blanks: Send me those pictures.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I will.

    Dave Blanks: Alright. I’m Dave blanks and this has been—Hey, what's the next Dave by the Bell going to be about?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I don't know. I'll think about it.

    Dave Blanks: What are you listening to?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: No.

    Dave Blanks: You don't want to do that? What are you listening to? And the guy is going to be like I’m listening to a phone call, so stop bothering me.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: So, please leave me alone and go away.

    Dave Blanks: Alright, well—

    Marie Freeman: You’re listening to Dave outside my hallway.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I’m listening to Dave by the Bell!

    Dave Blanks: I’m listening to Dave, talk incessantly right now. All right, well, I'm Dave Blanks. This has been Dave by the Bell. Bye everybody!