Faculty of Distinction: Scott Ludwig

Associate Professor, Department of Art

For Scott Ludwig, the “moment a student discovers something about their artistic abilities is the most rewarding. It keeps me coming back to the classroom.” In turn, he’s rewarded his students by making the printmaking process safer.

“A few of my past professors and colleagues have experienced some ill effects from working with various photo-etching chemistry,” Ludwig explained. He’s adopted contemporary applications that use water-based acrylic formulations and safer etching chemistry rather than noxious, solvent and acid-based processes.

Once he embraced these new printmaking techniques, “it was simply a matter of implementing (them) into the curriculum,” he said. “The contemporary media interface perfectly with various digital applications,” Ludwig said, “allowing an artist to create innovative, digital hybrid prints. The concept of a “hybrid print, a print that integrates traditional and state-of-the-art processes, is an area of creative research that has informed my work for the past decade. The creative potential that exists at the intersection of the digital and the traditional is virtually infinite.”

A proponent of experiential learning, Ludwig challenges his students to integrate their passion for art with the world around them. He has led students to Cuba, Costa Rica and the southwest United States to explore art and history related to printmaking and to develop a body of work culled from their personal observations and experiences.