10 students named as 2016 Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients

As Appalachian State University’s oldest and most academically competitive merit-based scholarship, the Chancellor’s Scholarship is designed for students with ambitious academic goals – those who seek graduate or professional post-baccalaureate degrees to become physicians, attorneys, Ph.D. holders and more.

Appalachian welcomed 10 new Chancellor’s Scholarship recipients to campus this fall.

“These are academic high achievers. The Chancellor’s Scholarship is awarded to students who are among the strongest applicants admitted to The Honors College and to Appalachian,” said Dr. Ted Zerucha, interim director of The Honors College.

This year’s recipients have an average high school grade point average of 4.8 and earned an average 1502 on the SAT college entrance exam and 43 on the ACT composite.

Chancellor’s Scholars may be in any major and in any college. The scholarship offers full institutional costs for eight semesters, plus other academic and co-curricular benefits including special housing and travel opportunities. Students must maintain a 3.45 minimum grade point average to renew the scholarship.

Meet the 2016 Chancellor’s Scholars

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    Jordan Carter
    Cox Mill High School, Concord
    Intended Major: Chemistry

    I chose to come to Appalachian because I loved the atmosphere of the school and the idea of the Appalachian Family. It was a big school with a small school feeling. Additionally, the chemistry department attracted me with its talented professors and undergraduate research opportunities.

    I hope to leave my mark academically by excelling in my classes, by tutoring other students to help them do well and by participating in research. I also hope to make an impact across campus. I am currently participating in Chemistry Club, EiSTEM and Emerging Leaders.

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    Meghan Dempsey
    Wakefield High School, Wake Forest
    Intended Major: Nutrition and Foods

    I have my dad to thank for bringing me to Appalachian’s fall open house my junior year of high school. The feeling of a close-knit community and the beautiful scenery are what first drew me in. Learning about all of the wonderful opportunities and services that showcase Appalachian’s dedication to its students’ success are what convinced me to stay.

    During my time at Appalachian, I would like to increase my ability to think about problems in a variety of ways. I would also like to build meaningful relationships with a diverse group of people.

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    Anthony Hengst
    Home Schooled, Boone
    Intended Major: Mathematics

    Global study and the opportunity for undergraduate research in my major are both very important to me, so I was drawn to Appalachian’s robust international travel options and undergraduate-friendly math department.

    During my four years, I intend to stay active in competitive Ultimate frisbee and continue to teach myself Korean. While it’ll be a challenge to balance all my goals, I’m excited to take [them] on.

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    Abbey Huber
    Bearden High School, Knoxville, TN
    Intended Major: Sustainable Development

    Like many others, I was drawn to Appalachian’s focus on sustainability and positive social change. I feel that all students regardless of major will benefit from contemplating at least briefly the long-term consequences of human action…

    I want the opportunity to influence the path of human history towards a realistic way of ensuring the future health of not only our own generation, but those to come. I want to make human growth sustainable and our potential unlimited by our own short-sightedness. But mostly, I just want to understand.

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    Jaxon Mitchell
    Jordan-Matthews High School, Siler City
    Intended Major: Actuarial Sciences

    Appalachian fosters and encourages the pursuit of passions inside and outside of the classroom... it provides the opportunity for everybody to make lifelong connections with people that share their interests and goals in an extraordinarily tight-knit, family-like environment. …All in all, Appalachian was simply an incredibly inviting place for me.

    I want to take full advantage of the resources that this university offers in order to not only develop the specific skills that will help me along in my career pathway, but also to gain a broader perspective of the world that I live in.

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    Jennifer Moerk
    A.C. Reynolds High School, Asheville
    Intended Major: Undecided

    Upon my visit last September, I was completely impressed: not only did App State have beautiful surroundings, but every person I met – students and faculty alike – was friendly and cared to hear what I had to say. I felt that Appalachian was the perfect combination of the tight-knit community of a small school and the academic breadth of a large school.

    One of my main goals is – and always has been – to push myself to be the best I can be, and I intend to apply this to both my personal and academic pursuits. …I want to explore many areas of interest to discover and nurture my passions.

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    Mariah Reneau
    Central Valley High School, Liberty Lake, WA
    Intended Major: Political Science

    Growing up as a military kid, I moved around every three years. The only thing that remained consistent was coming to Boone to celebrate Christmas with my Grandma and my Grandpa. Boone has always been my second home. What better place to come to college and figure out who I truly am than the place where my true roots have been grown?

    I truly want to figure out who I am as a person and find where my passions lie… Academically I hope to challenge myself by taking the hardest classes I can find, going above and beyond in my studies and overall just trying to be the best I can be.

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    Sarah Smith
    Lee County High School, Sanford
    Intended Major: Studio Art

    The beauty of the area and campus was definitely a big factor in my attraction to Appalachian; every time I step out of my dorm I look around and just think, ‘What a beautiful place.’

    I try every day just to learn for the sake of learning… In the next four years, I hope to continue my involvement in campus communities, improve my own health and happiness, and get to know the silly, passionate, intelligent people who share my enthusiasm for life and learning.

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    Elena Storelli
    Riverside High School, Durham
    Intended Major: English

    I was attracted to Appalachian because of the mountains. I am also here so I can be close to my grandparents and help out… Boone has always been a second home to me.

    I hope to study the relationships between literature and social change. I am hoping to apply my studies to my life and help create a more understanding and tolerant society.

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    Sam Wenzel
    North Allegheny High School, Allison Park, PA
    Intended Major: Political Science

    I considered Appalachian because I learned of the great scholarship opportunities available, so I figured, ‘Why not?’ Then I visited here twice and was smitten and, once I got the Chancellor’s Scholarship, I knew that I was bound to be a Mountaineer. Appalachian State had captured me.

    I believe that I want to go into lobbying… To achieve this goal of being a lobbyist for a corporation or an organization, I will seek out internships at the local or state government, reach out to political science professors or professors in related fields, and join political organizations on campus.