What campus learned in 2017 from ‘Say What? Examining Freedom of Speech at App State’

Listen to podcasts recorded during the weeklong series of events held in March, 2017

The weeklong series of events titled “Say What? Examining Freedom of Speech at App State” centered around the First Amendment and freedom of expression on our campus. In presenting this programming, Appalachian State University proactively explored issues of free speech, academic freedom and respect for differences of opinion and belief faced by college campuses across the nation.

The series of more than two dozen events culminated March 31, but the conversation continues.

Below are links to podcasts recorded during “Say What?” so that the Appalachian Community can continue to draw on the knowledge and wisdom provided by on-campus experts and visiting speakers:

SoundAffect: Dr. David Pilgrim on the Jim Crow Museum, multiculturalism race relations, diversity and how to be involved

Dr. David Pilgrim, leading expert on issues relating to multiculturalism, diversity and race relations, recently recorded a podcast at Appalachian State University as part of a week-long event exploring freedom of speech on college campuses and the First Amendment.

SoundAffect: Dr. Lee Bird on protecting the First Amendment on university campuses

Dr. Lee Bird, leading expert on First Amendment rights and freedom of speech, recorded a podcast at Appalachian State University.

SoundAffect: FIRE Director Robert L. Shibley speaks out on free speech

Since starting FIRE in 2003, Director Robert Shibley has helped students and faculty on hundreds of college campuses defend and protect free speech. He was one of the guest speakers in Appalachian State University’s “Say What?” – a series of more than 30 events exploring freedom of speech on college campuses and the First Amendment.

SoundAffect: Dr. Nancy Love on lyrics, the First Amendment and the power of music

Dr. Nancy Love, political scientist who teaches critical, democratic and feminist theory and is the author of Trendy Fascism: White Power Music and the Future of Democracy, explores how music motivates, and our personal responsibility to recognize its power.

Podcast with the Provost: A discussion about Freedom of Speech, the First Amendment and “Say What?”

Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Development Leroy Wright joins Appalachian State University Provost Darrell Kruger to talk about the value of and take-aways from a series of campus events discussing freedom of speech.

“In large public forums and small group workshops, we explored how we, both as an institution of higher learning and as individuals, can respect and adhere to the First Amendment. This investigation is critical for a community where difficult conversations, likely to elicit a variety of opinions and beliefs, are part of our academic endeavor,” said Chancellor Sheri N. Everts.

“We hope all the events and exchanges that took place during ‘Say What?’ help our students better navigate their time here and in the work/play spaces they choose after graduation,” Everts said.

Say What? Examining Freedom of Speech at App State

See the full list of events held March 23-31, 2017