The New Economy

The world offers a complex cocktail of social and economic challenges.  Universities exist to prepare individuals for these challenges while also expanding and applying the knowledge to mitigate them. With such an important role to play, Appalachian State University does much more than provide skills for a post-graduate job.

  • Why hire an App grad?
    Comments from employers on how Appalachian graduates stack up

    Employers endorse the concept of a liberal education. 74% would recommend the concept of a liberal education to their own child or a young person they know. Liberal education is similar to the liberal arts tradition; however, it is geared even more toward empowering students to deal with complexity, diversity, and change in the 21st century.

  • University stabilizes regional economy, provides opportunities for economic development

    Appalachian also provides a stabilizing influence on the regional economy. While no region is immune to economic downturns, the university’s presence provides a buffer to recessionary pressures and a platform for economic recovery and growth.

  • Appalachian's role in the new economy
    It's more than you think

    We at the university hope to prepare students for life by empowering them to navigate the ever-shifting economic and social landscapes. An increasingly high-tech and global economy makes job market shifts a certainty, and that means one’s first job after graduation is only the first hurdle in what promises to be a lifetime of career changes, continuing education and geographic moves.