The Future of Appalachian

As Appalachian State University develops a new five-year strategic plan in the aftermath of the Great Recession, careful consideration of its unique strengths is needed as we plot a course for the future. As the landscape for higher education changes, professors share their vision for the future of Appalachian State University.

  • My Appalachian Vision: Global Preparation
    Dr. Garner Dewey

    While Appalachian struggles with budgetary cuts and many faculty and staff are fatigued, we must be resilient and creative in making sure that this is accomplished as the “potential benefits of global interdependence are extraordinary.

  • My Appalachian Vision: Defining an entrepreneurial future
    Dr. Heather Dixon-Fowler

    I envision an exciting future with opportunities for entrepreneurship at Appalachian State University as we continue to emphasize and build programs focused on global opportunities, cross-disciplinary collaboration, social and sustainable entrepreneurship, industry engagement and experiential learning.

  • My Appalachian Vision: Consider the strengths and build on them
    Dr. Jamie Russell

    Appalachian is a truly comprehensive university offering a diversity of majors. We should remember we are not just consumer-oriented purveyors of siloed knowledge. A rigorous higher education provides an inquiry-based experiential journey through which students develop not only a major discipline but also a robust and extensive worldview.

  • How will Appalachian State University define itself?

    Under the guidance of the University of North Carolina’s strategic plan for 2013-18, we are developing a strategic plan that will guide the institution’s vision, mission and service to the people of North Carolina. We want to continue along a progressive path, which improves the student experience and creates an educated citizenry. Our students represent our future, and we believe the strategic plan will serve as the roadmap for continued excellence.