Living Like You Mean It

Meet some Mountaineers who are living intentional lives, and making a difference for others

We hear it over and over, in hundreds of iterations from visitors and members of the Appalachian Community:

  • “Your campus is different.”
  • “Everyone is so polite.”          
  • “There’s just a feeling here.”
  •  “My professor really cares.”

Is it merely good manners? Mountaineer resiliency? Our extraordinary location? Or, is it that Appalachian State University attracts certain types of individuals, and then nurtures their natural inclinations to be authentic and fully engaged – from demonstrating their commitment to sustainable living and social justice, to others who simply are intentional about the options life serves up every day: which products to buy, friends to choose or ethical path to follow?

Here, we profile faculty, staff, students and alumni who live intentionally, who are living like they mean it.