• The New Economy

    The world offers a complex cocktail of social and economic challenges.  Universities exist to prepare individuals for these challenges while also expanding and applying the knowledge to mitigate them. With such an important role to play, Appalachian State University does much more than provide skills for a post-graduate job.

  • The Value of Education

    As both college graduates and non-graduates strike out on their own, the reality of limited job opportunities hits home. National college debt is at an all-time high. In traditional and social media, on campuses nationwide and in general conversation, American college students and graduates are asking themselves tough questions about the value of their college education.

  • Student Debt
    How Much College Debt Do Our Students Owe?
    (And what does it really mean?)

    Logically, someone interested in measuring the return on his or her investment in a college education would want to begin with a litmus test, a benchmark, some measure that answers the question, “How does the amount of debt I am carrying compare with the national average?”