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Find Your Sustain Ability: Amory Lovins explains how “off-the-shelf technologies” and integrated design can achieve energy and cost efficiency

“Buildings ought to create delight when entered and satisfaction, health, happiness (and) productivity when occupied. Regret when departed. They ought to look like they grew there.” — Amory Lovins, chief scientist at the Rocky Mountain Institute, on integrated design goals for the built environment.

Dave by the Bell: Is App State right for me?

Current App State students share why others should consider attending the university. Some of the top answers? Helpful professors, a beautiful location in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a friendly Appalachian Community.

Find Your Sustain Ability: Dr. David Orr on sustainability education and politics and his earliest memories of the natural environment

Host Dr. Lee F. Ball, Appalachian's chief sustainability officer, interviews one of the founders of the sustainability education movement — Dr. David Orr, the Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and Politics Emeritus at Oberlin College and special assistant to the college's president. "Can you make a sustainable, just, fair, decent and prosperous world?" Orr asks. "I think the answer is yes. I take my hope from just the work that we all do. And the doing of the work is what generates hope."

Dave by the Bell: The Strangest Thing

What's the strangest thing these brand-new Mountaineers brought with them for Move-in Day 2019?