Top 5 services at Belk Library and Information Commons

Be confident and successful as you start the 2014-15 academic year with support from Belk Library and Information Commons.

Dean of Libraries Joyce Ogburn shares the Top 5 library services that encourage your pursuit of knowledge at Appalachian State University.

1. Around-the-clock hours

During fall and spring semesters, Belk Information Library and Commons is open all night long on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with more select hours during the weekend. Learn more about our hours by clicking on the clock at the top of our home page.

2. Knowledgeable staff to help you

If you need assistance navigating the library’s resources, just ask a librarian for help. They can direct you to more than 400 databases – including an abundance of newspapers, online language learning resources, scholarly articles, and e-books – as well as our special collections. They also know how to stream free tunes and videos using subscription databases. Can’t come in? Call us at 828-262-2820, text us at 828-365-6283, email us, or chat with us online.

3. One-on-one RAP sessions for in-depth assistance

Our Research Advisory Program (RAP) allows you to spend one-on-one time with a library expert. Your confidence will soar with just one session. Just give us a couple of days to gather everything you need to prepare for your session.

4. Digital Media Studio and University Writing Center

The Digital Media Studio offers hands-on lessons and audio-visual equipment for any multimedia project. You can also check out computer equipment, including laptops, tablets, iPads and digital GoPro cameras, Microsoft Surfaces, TI-84 calculators and headphones. We even have large format and 3D printing.

The University Writing Center offers free services to assist with any writing project: papers for academic courses, essays for job or graduate school applications, creative writing projects or project proposals. The informed staff works with writers at any stage of the writing process, from inventing topics to editing at the sentence-level. A unit of University College, the center is located on the bottom floor of the library.

5. A place for you to study

We have quiet floors and spaces to collaborate, including rooms for one or 21. There are also places to edit a video or watch a movie. You can reserve rooms online – just remember, many other students may want the space, so book early.

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