HISTORY MATTERS for undergraduate students around the world

After spending time writing a research paper and turning it in, what can you do with it next? Undergraduates from around the world can submit their papers to HISTORY MATTERS.

HISTORY MATTERS is an undergraduate journal of historical research that is based at Appalachian State University. It is funded and run by students and is published annually.

Research papers may be submitted from any college or university and must undergo three stages of editing and revisions before possibly being chosen for publication. Out of the total research papers submitted, only the top 10 percent are published.

In May 2010, the seventh issue of HISTORY MATTERS: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research became available online. For this issue, the staff received 67 submissions, which represent:

  • 44 universities
  • 13 research papers from Appalachian students
  • submissions from Harvard and Yale, as well as other universities from around the world, including, Canada, Great Britain and the United States.

"Being involved with other countries shows we can compete with all other universities in the world in scholarly research and publication. It shows we have been around a long time and students want to participate," said history major Alison Shea '10, who served as editor of HISTORY MATTERS during 2009-10.

Faculty from the Department of History are dedicated and supportive towards the success of the journal.

Dr. Lucinda Beier, faculty advisor for HISTORY MATTERS and department chair, says the journal is an "unusual and valuable type of undergraduate activity."

"HISTORY MATTERS says, first of all, that undergraduate history students love practicing their craft and choose to organize and participate in this serious career- and life-enhancing activity for this reason. HISTORY MATTERS also says that Appalachian provides this important opportunity for students to build professional experience—at the same time as engaging in a meaningful way with the traditional humanities content and skills that are at the heart of a high quality university education," Beier said.

Recently EBSCO Host, the largest database of journals, invited HISTORY MATTERS to join. By clicking on America History and Life, visitors can view all research papers published on HISTORY MATTERS.


HISTORY MATTERS was founded in spring 2003 by undergraduate history and political science major Eric Burnette. Burnette spent a lot of time on a history paper his freshman year, and when he was finished, he realized there were not many outlets for his work to be shared with others. Burnette decided to start an academic journal for undergraduate students. He sought advice from one of his professors, Dr. Michael Moore, who had edited a professional journal of British history for more than 25 years. Burnette also received help from Appalachian undergraduate and history and political science major Matthew Manes, who served as the journal's first associate editor.