New state-wide campaign promotes physical activity

The Be Active-Appalachian Partnership is participating in Be Active North Carolina's statewide Movement for Motion campaign, which strives to get 1 million North Carolinians more active more often by 2015. The campaign asks North Carolinians to make a commitment to devote 30 minutes each day to being physically active. It also seeks to implement greater policy and environmental changes that promote physical activity.


Susan Tumbleston; Executive Director, Be Active-Appalachian Partnership: A person needs at least 30 minutes of good physical activity every day. If you can get 45, that's even better. Children need at least 60 minutes a day, because they're growing—they're bones are growing—and so they need a little bit more than adults. However, you can break that 30 minutes up into 10-minute snippets and you get the same health benefit, you get the same good things that you get from physical activity if you break that 30-minute period of time up.

ST: The different types that people need are some type of endurance work—people call that cardio, typically, if you watch the Biggest Loser, that's cardio—that works your heart. You also need to work on your muscles, so that's some kind of strength work. You need to work on your balance and your flexibility, because that is our way of preventing injuries, particularly as we age, and so we need those two, particulary, as we do our other types of exercise, so we won't hurt ourselves.

ST: In my opinion, the best form of exercise, probably for endurance, is walking. You can work that into your day in lots of different ways. You can walk to meetings, take a little short walk during lunch, or at the end of the day. But walking is a great way to get your physical activity in.

ST: What I would suggest is that you consider the different types of activity that you need to do and work those into things that you already are doing.

ST: For example, if you are watching a TV show, get out your hula-hoop and hula-hoop a little bit, or do your weight work or do your resistance band, or do some flexibility, or some yoga or some stretches. While you're cooking dinner, stand on one leg and work on your balance. Or walk the dog.

ST: I think it's also important to remember that you have to decide that it's important for you. You're not going to do the physical activity and you're not going to make it part of your day if you don't decide that it's important and it's valuable.