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Smalls Talk: Identity

How do you find your identity in college? Why is identity important?

SoundAffect: Jon Ronson on Public Shaming
Is social media programming us to be intolerant?

Hear Jon Ronson on the phenomenon of public shaming via social media. Have we come that far from the stocks in the public square? Is Twitter our new scarlet letter?

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on LGBTQ+, social activism, the millennial voice and President Obama
Commentator, professor, activist and author encourages open and honest and exchange of ideas, and empathy in opposition.

In a recent visit to Appalachian State University’s podcast studio, one of America’s foremost African American voices, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, shares his thoughts on 21st-century activism, and the value of empathy.

Dr. Nina Jablonski explores skin color and the role it plays in self identity, racism and evolution
World-famous anthropologist on race, genetics and the genealogy of primates.

Anthropologist and author Nina Jablonski posits human evolution has taken off like the world’s fastest sprinter, dramatically changing the human face of the earth. She explores skin color and race and the roles they’ve played socially, biologically and from a health perspective over the last 200,000 years.