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AppX: Transportation

How to: successfully navigate the Appalcart, get a free ride (kind of) to Waffle House, and avoid parking tickets on the latest AppX!

What's Your Truth: Jordan gets real with Associate Vice Chancellor, Jordyne Blaise and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Willie Fleming

In this first episode of What's Your Truth, Jordan gets real with Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Willie Fleming and Associate Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Compliance Jordyne Blaise. They talk about pivotal moments in their lives, the legacies they want to leave, and answer the question: "What's your truth?"

SoundAffect: Dr. Nickolas Jordan on getting uncomfortable, taking risks, screwing up, and finding your truth.

Dr. Nickolas Jordan, Associate Dean of the Reich College of Education and licensed marriage and family therapist, gets real about getting real, taking risks, screwing up and - very importantly - staying in relationship.

Dave by the Bell: Constitution Week and You

How App State students feel about the constitution might surprise you...but then again it might's 50/50. Listen and find out.