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Masters Matter: Dr. Kim Becnel & Debbie Whitehead, Library Science

Dr. Kim Becnel, assistant professor and program director for the library science program, and Master of Library Science graduate Debbie Whitehead discuss the MLS program at Appalachian State University.

What's Your Truth: Stand in the Gap

Jordan and his guest Sarah Levine discuss the death of their fathers, Roscoe Jordan and Marty Levine. They share what their fathers taught them during their time on earth, as well as what they have learned by living without them. This episode is dedicated to Roscoe and Marty.

AppX: Finding Your Major

No idea what to major in? No idea where to start? Liz Pope sits down with Geralyn Mitchell from the Career Development Center to give you some solid first steps.

AppX: Transportation

How to: successfully navigate the Appalcart, get a free ride (kind of) to Waffle House, and avoid parking tickets on the latest AppX!