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AppX: App's Top Ten Outdoor Activities

Discover the best swimming holes, mountain bike trails and skiing in the High Country! It's App's Top Ten Outdoor Activities on a brand new AppX.

AppX: International Appalachian (INTAPP)

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an International student at App? Or what it’s really like venture to another country for a whole semester? Find out in the latest AppX!

SoundAffect: Dr. David Pilgrim on the Jim Crow Museum, multiculturalism race relations, diversity and how to be involved
How one activist is using objects of intolerance to teach tolerance.

Dr. David Pilgrim, leading expert on issues relating to multiculturalism, diversity and race relations, recently recorded a podcast at Appalachian State University as part of a week-long event exploring freedom of speech on college campuses and the First Amendment.

SoundAffect: Dr. Lee Bird on protecting the First Amendment on university campuses
“Protection is often for the speech that we hate, not the speech that we all agree is appropriate.”

Dr. Lee Bird, leading expert on First Amendment rights and freedom of speech, recorded a podcast at Appalachian State University.