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  • Six students honored with Wilson Scholarship
    They are ‘passionate about service’ and ‘dedicated to understanding the world around them’
    August 24, 2016

    Six incoming students earned the Wilson Scholarship this year, Appalachian’s most prestigious merit-based scholarship. Selected on academic achievements, service and leadership, these students are passionately engaged!

  • Racing the Sun
    An Appalachian team seeks to change the future of transportation with a solar race car
    August 17, 2016

    Take a dozen Appalachian students, three passionate faculty and an institutional commitment to sustainability and you get a race car powered by the sun that wins third place in a three-day track race and places sixth in a cross-country race lasting eight days and nearly 2,000 miles. You get innovations in sustainable technology. And, you get a roadmap to the car of the future.

  • Racing the Sun: History of Apperion
    August 17, 2016

    How does a group of students end up building a solar car and entering it in an international, collegiate competition? It began with Dan Blakeley, an Army Ranger who was looking to the future, and who would become the leader of Team Sunergy. Inspired to build a solar car by his sustainable transportation instructor, Blakeley found funding and academic support to convert a golf cart from gas to solar power, build a race car prototype, and learn from everyone and every opportunity he could find.

  • Racing the Sun: The Competition
    August 17, 2016

    What is this competition, anyway? An international event that involves designing, building and racing solar vehicles, the competition is two-fold. It is comprised of the Formula Sun Grand Prix (FSGP) and the American Solar Challenge (ASC).

  • Racing the Sun: The Team
    August 17, 2016

    Meet the Sunergy solar vehicle team led by student leader and veteran Dan Blakeley — leading, taking charge, delegating and all actively learning.


Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on LGBTQ+, social activism, the millennial voice and President Obama

In a recent visit to Appalachian State University’s podcast studio, one of America’s foremost African American voices, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, shares his thoughts on 21st-century activism, and the value of empathy.

Dr. Nina Jablonski explores skin color and the role it plays in self identity, racism and evolution

Anthropologist and author Nina Jablonski posits human evolution has taken off like the world’s fastest sprinter, dramatically changing the human face of the earth. She explores skin color and race and the roles they’ve played socially, biologically and from a health perspective over the last 200,000 years.

How can we teach sustainability in our classrooms and in our communities?

Sustainability goes far beyond reducing our carbon footprint or diverting trash. In this episode, three Appalachian professors share their thoughts how a commitment to sustainability impacts research, creative work, and share how they are teaching Appalachian students to make sustainable choices.

Economics in a sustainable world - how can we measure progress?

Sustainability goes far beyond reducing our carbon footprint or diverting trash. In this episode, three Appalachian professors discuss the economics of sustainability, and address the question of metrics. How do we know if we are making progress with our efforts toward becoming a more sustainable society?