• The Value of Education

    As both college graduates and non-graduates strike out on their own, the reality of limited job opportunities hits home. National college debt is at an all-time high. In traditional and social media, on campuses nationwide and in general conversation, American college students and graduates are asking themselves tough questions about the value of their college education.

  • Staff of Distinction

    Appalachian State University employs more than 1,700 non-faculty staff members. Read a few of their stories as Staff of Distinction.

  • Where can an Appalachian degree take you?

    Anywhere you want to go! Appalachian alumni become leaders in their communities and in their professions, and they exemplify how Appalachian can and does make the world a better place.

  • Faculty of Distinction

    Appalachian attracts and retains an exceptionally talented and committed faculty. Small classes and close interactions between faculty and students create a strong sense of community, which has become an Appalachian hallmark. Meet a few of our extraordinary faculty who create life-changing experiences in the classroom and beyond.

  • The Future of Appalachian

    As Appalachian State University develops a new five-year strategic plan in the aftermath of the Great Recession, careful consideration of its unique strengths is needed as we plot a course for the future.