SoundAffect is a podcast series of conversations with smart people about stuff that affects our world, and how we affect it.

Dave by the Bell

Sometimes fun, sometimes serious podcast of impromptu conversations with students and Appalachian State University’s own Dave Blanks.

Thinking about joining the Appalachian State University student body? On AppX, our students share what life at App is really like. You’ll get the best advice on everything from where to live and what to eat to how to be prepared for the unpredictable Boone weather. Listen, learn and laugh along.

Whats Your Truth

What's Your Truth host Nickolas Jordan is on a journey to find truth in the universe and he needs your help.

Considering graduate school? Masters really do matter at Appalachian State University! Get an inside peek into the graduate experience at App from our master-level students themselves. Learn why the masters programs at Appalachian stand out from those of other universities.

Regular conversations with Provost Darrell Kruger about topics of interest on the campus of Appalachian State University, national or international trends in higher education and beyond, and the work of our faculty, staff and students.

What the heck does sustainability mean, anyway? Turns out, it means more than you might think. Lee Ball has insightful conversations with faculty experts, and in doing so, helps each of us find our Sustain Ability.

What's going on at Appalachian State University? Get the inside scoop and details here.

Smalls Talk is designed for college students as a means to help them on their journey of self and personal wellness. During each episode Saray Smalls and her guests explore one or more of the 8 dimensions of wellness which include social, emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, intellectual, occupational and financial.