Dave by the Bell: Constitution Week and You

Ucomm's own Dave Blanks wanders around campus along with intern Liz Pope to find out what the phrase, "We the people" means to App State Students.


  • Dave Blanks: Hey Derek!

    Derek Nicholas Wolfcat Wycoff: Yup.

    Dave Blanks: I’m about to do a Dave by the Bell man.

    Derek Nicholas Wolfcat Wycoff: Good luck.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks!

    Derek Nicholas Wolfcat Wycoff: What’s it about?

    Dave Blanks: Constitution Week

    Derek Nicholas Wolfcat Wycoff: Oooo

    Dave Blanks: Yeah!

    Derek Nicholas Wolfcat Wycoff: Careful!

    Dave Blanks: Easy! Easy!

    Dave Blanks: Hello once again folks! I’m Dave Blanks and this is another Dave by the Bell! This week on Dave by the Bell we’re gonna be dealing a special Constitution Week edition! Because it’s Constitution Week. Constitution Week, if you didn't know, is according to Wikipedia, an American observance to commemorate the adoption of the U.S Constitution. The observance runs annually from September 17th to September 23rd. The purpose of the observance week is to promote study and education about the constitution, which was originally adopted by the American Congress of the Confederation on September the 17th 1787. So my intern Liz, I think maybe is gonna come on this one with me. Hey Liz!

    Liz Pope: Hi everybody!

    Dave Blanks: Have you ever heard of Constitution Week Liz?

    Liz Pope: I have not! This is the first time i have heard of Constitution Week.

    Dave Blanks: I feel like I’ve heard of it but it didn't mean anything to me. Which sounds terrible, that it didn't mean anything to me but, I didn't really take it to heart I guess until my boss told me I had to do a podcast about it so. So the question for today, not super light-hearted could be slightly politically charged, right Liz?

    Liz Pope: Yeah!

    Dave Blanks: Well we’ll see. The question is “What does ‘We the People..’ mean to you?”. Let’s find out what Appalachian students have to say.

    Dave Blanks: Alright Liz knows somebody so we’re coming to her.

    Liz Pope: This is Dave.

    Dave Blanks: Hi, how’s it goin? I’m Dave Blanks.

    Laurel Roser: Hi, I’m Laurel.

    Dave Blanks: Laurel? Very nice to meet you.

    Laurel Roser: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: There’s a Laurel Lane in town, did you know that?

    Laurel Roser: There’s a Laurel lane, a Laurel street, a Laurel road, a Laurel creek.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah! It’s pretty popular. Would you possibly be willing to answer my question?

    Liz Pope: She definitely will.

    Laurel Roser: Yeah, sure.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, cool. Did you know it was Constitution Week, Laurel?

    Laurel Roser: Yes I did.

    Dave Blanks: You did know it was Constitution Week?!

    Laurel Roser: We had a civil liberties conference. I write for the Government and Justice Studies department.

    Dave Blanks: Okay cool, alright! Okay so Laurel, What does ‘We the People..’ mean to you?

    Laurel Roser: In today’s society, under this administration, to me, ‘We the People’ means everyone who is extremely underrepresented right now in the community, people that the President and who he employs aren't exactly addressing, people who are left out, the dreamers, people of color, women of color, queer people of color, definitely not white people! Definitely not white people! Everyone that isn't being addressed, policy is not oriented around them, progressiveness isn't about them. It’s about doing what's best for the 1 percent, the elite, the people that have always been in charge. So, yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Good answer! Thanks Laurel!

    Laurel Roser: Sorry that was like, I bombarded you.

    Dave Blanks: Have a good day!

    Liz Pope: Bye Laurel!

    Dave Blanks: Are you on your way to class?

    Carmen Montero: Uh huh

    Dave Blanks: How much longer do you have?

    Carmen Montero: Five minutes.

    Dave Blanks: Okay. Can you answer a single question?

    Carmen Montero: Yeah, for sure.

    Dave Blanks: Okay cool so what’s your name?

    Carmen Montero: This is Robbie.

    Dave Blanks: Hey, What’s your name? Robbie? Nice to meet you, I’m Dave.

    Robbie: Hey, nice to meet ya.

    Dave Blanks: So the question is, What does ‘We the people’ mean to you?

    Carmen Montero: That like the United States is like a family, and like we all look out for each other. And so yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Great answer! That was really good! Cool, thanks Carmen. Would you like to answer my question?

    Robbie: I’m kinda right there with her.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, you’re with her? Alright Cool. Alright sir. Robbie is also with her.

    Robbie: It was a really good answer.

    Dave Blanks: Well ya’ll have a good day. Thank you so much!

    Carmen: Yeah, no problem. Bye Liz!

    Liz Pope: Bye! Nice to meet you dude.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah we did a podcast with Carmen about outdoor programs, right?

    Liz Pope: We did!

    Dave Blanks: And that was your podcast Liz.

    Liz Pope: We did, yep. AppX

    Dave Blanks: AppX!

    Liz Pope: Check it out!

    Dave Blanks: Everybody’s talking about it. Oh hey!

    Joe Lashinsky: How are you Dave?

    Dave Blanks: So Liz my intern has sought you out, and your name is?

    Joe Lashinsky: Joe.

    Dave Blanks: Joe what’s your last name?

    Joe Lashinsky: Lashinsky.

    Dave Blanks: So your name is?

    Joe Lashinsky: Joe Lashinsky.

    Dave Blanks: There’s Larry! Hey Larry!

    Larry: Hi, how are you?

    Dave Blanks: I’m good, how are you?

    Larry: Good.

    Dave Blanks: I’m interviewing Joe. Can I ask you a question in a second? For Dave by the Bell?

    Larry: Sure.

    Dave Blanks: Alright cool. So Joe it’s Constitution Week.

    Joe Lashinsky: It is.

    Dave Blanks: Did you know that?

    Joe Lashinsky: I did not!

    Dave Blanks: Now you know! I’m doing some guerrilla marketing about Constitution Week apparently. So the question that I’m asking is, What does ‘We the People’ mean to you Joe?

    Joe Lashinsky: Well that’s a great question, thank you for asking it. So ‘We the People’, to me, means the people of the United States, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, it means all of us. It’s very inclusive.

    Dave Blanks: Right. Alright, I like that.

    Joe Lashinsky: Thank you.

    Dave Blanks: That was a good answer. Well thanks Joe.

    Joe Lashinsky: Thank you for having me.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, thanks I appreciate it.

    Dave Blanks: Larry you gotta go?

    Larry: I can’t answer it.

    Dave Blanks: You can’t answer it?

    Larry: sorry!

    Dave Blanks: Oh, Larry! Well how have you been?

    Larry: Next time!

    Dave Blanks: Next Dave by the Bell? Alright! Are you still working at food services?

    Larry: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: I think you’ve been on more Dave by the Bell's than like anybody else.

    Larry: I have? I’ve been on more than one?

    Dave Blanks: I think you’ve been on like two or three maybe.

    Larry: Oh, really?

    Dave Blanks: Oh yeah, cause you're on the one about --

    Larry: It was snow!

    Dave Blanks: Snow! Yeah, yeah. You're on the snow one.

    Larry: Yeah I know that one but I didn't know about--

    Dave Blanks: I think you were on like at least one more but I can’t remember what it was. But man it’s good to see you!

    Larry: Nice to see you too.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, I’m sure i’ll see you again.

    Larry: Yeah, next time. I gotta think about that, that’s a good question.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah! What does ‘We the People’ mean to you?

    Larry: It seems simple but it’s actually--

    Dave Blanks: It’s pretty complex.

    Larry: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: It could be. Well have a good day man!

    Larry: Thanks you too! Nice to see you!

    Dave Blanks: Alright, good to see you Larry!

    Liz Pope: Bye Larry!

    Dave Blanks: Larry is so nice!

    Liz Pope: He’s so nice!

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, he’s really nice. I always ran into him when I was doing Dave by the Bells, and just got to meet him by doing Dave by the Bells.

    Liz Pope: Wait that’s awesome!

    Dave Blanks: I know! Isn’t that cool? He’s one of my Dave by the Bell buddies.

    Liz Pope: Heck yeah! Who knows about the constitution?

    Dave Blanks: Hey excuse me! Hi! Would you possibly be willing to answer my question maybe?

    Trecia Smith: Sure!

    Dave Blanks: So what is your name?

    Trecia Smith: Tricia Smith.

    Dave Blanks: Alright so Tricia, It is Constitution Week. Did you know that?

    Tricia: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: Alright. Congratulations, good. And the question is, What does ‘We the People’ mean to you?

    Tricia: Hmm. That’s tricky. -- Just because like, the constitution is tricky and hasn’t historically been equal so it doesn't really mean much of anything to me because it didn't include everybody from the beginning so yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Thank you Tricia.

    Trecia Smith: No problem!

    Dave Blanks: I appreciate it. We could ask her a question. So, what is your name?

    Daniela Presas: My name is Daniela Presas.

    Dave Blanks:  So the question for this week pertains to the fact that it is Constitution Week. The question that I’m asking today, in reference to that is,  What does ‘We the People’ mean to you?

    Daniela Presas: To me, I think it means like a society coming together and regardless of religious, political, or social backgrounds, we can still come together and be a society and like live in peace and like support each other.

    Dave Blanks: Nice!

    Liz Pope: Awesome!

    Dave Blanks: Thanks Daniela!

    Daniela Presas: Thanks so much!

    Liz Pope: Yeah, ya’ll have a good day.

    Dave Blanks: I really appreciate it. We’ve gotten a-- we got a pretty good-- some good answers.

    Liz Pope: Pretty good range.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah we’ve gotten a good range, yeah. Sometimes, one good thing about moving away from this place is that we don’t have the stupid door in the background.

    Liz Pope: Oh it is loud.

    Dave Blanks: Alright let's just walk.

    Liz Pope: Or should we go to people on Sanford? Like these people?

    Dave Blanks: Oh yeah we can talk to them.

    Liz Pope: Okay.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah let’s go talk to them. Hey!! So what is your name?

    Sarah Gebbie: My name is Sarah Gebbie.

    Dave Blanks: Sarah did you know it was Constitution Week?

    Sarah Gebbie: I did not know that.

    Dave Blanks: It’s Constitution Week! So--

    Sarah Gebbie: That’s pretty cool!

    Dave Blanks: Yeah I know. I wouldn't of known either, so. But my boss was like “Hey it’s Constitution Week, so go interview people about that”

    Sarah Gebbie: Yeah!

    Dave Blanks: So the question that I’m asking is, What does ‘We the People’ mean to you?

    Sarah Gebbie: Wow! We the people, I think it’s a -- collectivist look at society. And I think that we’ve lost that a lot. I think that we’re very individualistic. So I think ‘We the People’ is like “Hey let’s look out for the good of the majority” Instead of the good of the individual.

    Dave Blanks: Good answer!

    Sarah: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: That was solid! Alright cool! Alright so what do you think? You also are sitting here beside Sarah, so what is your name?

    George Bruns: I’m George Bruns.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so George, It’s Constitution Week. Did you know that?

    George Bruns: I did not.

    Dave Blanks: Now you do.

    George Bruns: I do, yeah.

    Dave Blanks: So, what does ‘We the People’ mean to you?

    George Bruns: I honestly don’t know. I really thought about this --ideally I think it’s like supposed to include like everyone but like now we’re more individually based people and I haven’t really thought about that.

    Dave Blanks: It’s alright! We’ll all think about it, alright?

    Liz Pope: Yeah we have the whole week to think about it.

    Dave Blanks: Right! It’s true! Thank ya’ll both.

    Sarah Gebbie: Yeah no problem! Interesting question.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah I know, usually it’s a lot more lighthearted. I’m like “What’s your favorite rainy day movie?”, but today I’m like “Here’s some heavy crap. How do you like that?”.

    Sarah Gebbie: No! It was interesting.

    Liz Pope: Oh I know her! She would do great.

    Dave Blanks: Okay, the flannel shirt?

    Liz Pope: Yes!

    Dave Blanks: Okay, we’ll ask her. She’s climbing a tree, she’s so App State. Hey! Hey tree climber!

    Arianna Fox: Hey! What’s up? I’m just trying to climb a tree but I can’t.

    Dave Blanks: I’m Dave and--

    Arianna Fox: Hi!!

    Dave Blanks: Hi! How’s it goin?

    Arianna Fox: Hi! I’m Ariana

    Dave Blanks: Arianna? Okay, cool.

    Arianna Fox: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: What is your name ma’am?

    Arianna Fox: Elin.

    Dave Blanks: And what is your name?

    Arianna Fox: Arianna Fox

    Dave Blanks: Alright so Elin and Arianna, Right? Alright so Elin and Arianna, did ya’ll know that it was Constitution Week?

    Arianna Fox: No.

    Dave Blanks: No?

    Arianna Fox: Is this a lie?

    Dave Blanks: No! I swear! Honestly it’s Constitution Week. On September the 17th in 17-- I’m gonna screw up the date.

    Arianna Fox: 87!

    Dave Blanks: 1787?

    Arianna Fox: 1887

    Dave Blanks: 18?

    Arianna Fox: Wait

    Arianna Fox: In 18-- no

    Arianna Fox: wait, I googled it.

    Arianna Fox: There’s a song.

    Dave Blanks: September--

    Arianna Fox: It’s 1780-- It’s 1780

    Dave Blanks: Oh we suck.

    Arianna Fox: 1787!

    Arianna Fox: 7! 1787!

    Dave Blanks: 1787, we’re the worst. Okay alright we got it! Teamwork!

    Ariana Fox: Yes! Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Dave Blanks: Teamwork makes the dream work?

    Arianna Fox: Yes!

    Dave Blanks: Would you like to answer my question for our podcast?

    Caleb Peters: What is the question?

    Dave Blanks: So what is your name?

    Caleb Peters: Caleb Peters

    Dave Blanks: So the question is what does we the people mean to you, Caleb?

    Caleb Peters: All citizens of America...anyone who lives here undocumented or not.

    Dave Blanks: Thank you Caleb.

    (drum beat plays in distance)

    Dave Blanks: So what are we observing here, Liz?

    Liz Pope: We are observing dance? Haha

    Dave Blanks: Dancin’! Loud Dancin’

    Liz Pope: Dancing to drums.

    Dave Blanks: Over near the bell so we need to move away from the bell.

    Liz Pope: Oh, is it going to be too loud?

    Dave Blanks: Well...I don’t know.

    Liz Pope: Is it?

    Dave Blanks: Well what is your name?

    Connor Johnson: Connor Johnson.

    Dave Blanks: So Connor, what does we the people mean to you?

    Connor Johnson: I guess like everybody. We the people including people especially in the context of the constitution and just kind of representing everybody equally and without any sort of judgement I guess.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks Connor!
    Connor Johnson: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Well have a good Constitution Week!

    Connor Johnson: Thank you. I’m excited.

    Dave Blanks: Hahaha I can tell!

    Liz Pope: Oh we should ask the ROTC guy.

    Dave Blanks: Where is he?

    Liz Pope: He’s way down there.

    Dave Blanks: Hey! There’s that guy!

    Liz Pope: ROTC Guy on a motorcycle!

    Dave Blanks: Ahhh that’s awesome! I wish we could get him!

    (sound of motorcycle accelerating past)

    Liz Pope: Wait! Hahaha

    Dave Blanks: Ahhh he’s too fast. We missed ROTC Guy on the motorcycle.

    Dave Blanks: This guy’s shirt is similar to mine in a way. But his haircut is not.

    Liz Pope: One of you is wearing a wool hat.

    Dave Blanks: It’s true.

    Dave Blanks: (singing) Find some interesting people

    Liz Pope: We could go into Crossroads but it’s kinda loud in there.

    Dave Blanks: (singing) Kinda loudish let's ask this person.

    Dave Blanks: So what is your name?

    Bobbie Shreiner: Bobbie Shreiner.

    Dave Blanks: It’s Constitution Week right?

    Bobbie Shreiner: I actually did not know that.

    Dave Blanks: All right but you just wrote a one page paper about what we the people means to you?

    Bobbie Shreiner: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Do you have a recollection as to what you put in this paper?

    Bobbie Shreiner: I can give you like the Cliff Notes of what I wrote.

    Dave Blanks: All right.

    Bobbie Shreiner: So I wrote that like we as a people it’s not only just those who are born here but those who are immigrants. I wasn’t actually born here. I was born in France but I’m considered an American citizen because my dad was an American citizen so I was given dual citizenship. That can also go to kids who are undocumented but who are trying to get their documents. They are counted as we the people because they are here and under DACA they are protected to be a part of the American population.

    Dave Blanks: That was a good answer. Yeah yeah really good.

    Bobbie Shreiner: It was like longer than that in my paper but haha.

    Dave Blanks: Well did you get a grade yet?

    Bobbie Shreiner: No.

    Dave Blanks: A plus.

    Bobbie Shreiner: Thank you.

    Dave Blanks: Hey how bout those Sun Chips? So anyway, my name is Dave Blanks and I work for the university. I’m in University Communications and I have a podcast called Dave by the Bell.

    Jacey Hale: Hi.

    Dave Blanks: Hi! How are you? What’s your name?

    Jacey Hale: Jacey.

    Dave Blanks: Okay Jacey, So would you be willing to possibly...Hey you’re listening to RadioLab!

    Jacey Hale: That’s what I wanna...I want to work there.

    Dave Blanks: Would you be willing to answer my question?

    Jacey Hale: Sure.

    Dave Blanks: Okay cool so what is your name?

    Jacey Hale: Jacey Hale.

    Dave Blanks: Did you know it was Constitution Week?

    Jacey Hale: No I didn’t.

    Dave Blanks: I didn’t either. But it is. Honest. So in honor of Constitution Week I have been sent out on a mission to ask Appalachian State students what we the people means to them. So when you think about the phrase we the people. What does that mean to you?

    Jacey Hale: Okay so this is kind of basic but I think we the people just means that you get to govern yourself. You get responsibility and that’s kind of a two way street. So, I guess in a country you get to choose your own actions and be a part of the government and you get to decide what happens. I think it’s kind of self accountability we the people you decide what it means for yourself.

    Dave Blanks: Cool. Thanks Jacey.

    Dave Blanks: Would you possibly be willing to answer my question? Yes you would? You seem very into it. You seem into it but not as into it as you so we’ll start with you. So what is your name?

    Claire Myers: My name is Claire Myers.

    Dave Blanks: Claire did you know that it is Constitution Week?

    Claire Myers: No I didn’t know that.

    Dave Blanks: The question is what does we the people mean to you?

    Claire Myers: I would say we the people means just like a democratic society where everyone is included and opinions are valued.

    Dave Blanks: I like that. You can’t steal hers. So what is your name?

    Kassidy Nance: My name is Kassidy Nance.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so Kassidy...I know you know now because I was just talking to Claire but did you know that it was Constitution Week?

    Kassidy Nance: No I did not.

    Dave Blanks: All right well I appreciate your honesty. So same questions what does we the people mean to you?

    Kassidy Nance: I’m gonna say that we’re all united and that we all have a say.

    Dave Blanks: Solid answer!

    Kassidy Nance: Thank you.

    Dave Blanks: Well thank yall both and have great Constitution Week!

    Dave Blanks: We could ask these people. There’s a person with a ukelele. Lets ask them. Hey nice ukulele! What is your name?

    Paola Bulablanco: Paola Bulablanco

    Dave Blanks: Okay so the question pertains to Constitution Week and the question is what does we the people mean to you?

    Paola Bulablanco: Just like everyone that lives here. Not necessarily Americans. Just everybody that’s here is we. Yeah that’s my answer.

    Dave Blanks: That’s your we.

    Paola Bulablanco: Yeah that’s my we. Everybody.

    Dave Blanks: Well thanks for your answer. Have a good day.

    Dave Blanks: What is your name?

    Dave Nguyn: Dave Nguyn.

    Dave Blanks: Okay so Dave, did you know it was Constitution Week?

    Dave Nguyn: No.

    Dave Blanks: No? That’s all right. I didn’t either before I was sent on this mission. So the question that I’m asking students for Constitution Week is what does we the people mean to you?

    Dave Nguyn: Well anyone who decides living here without breaking laws or anything.

    Dave Blanks: So you have to be within the bonds of not breaking laws?

    Dave Nguyn: Yeah pretty much. As long as you're not hurting anybody, do what you want.

    Dave Blanks: All right. Well, have a good day Dave!

    Dave Nguyn: Thanks.

    Dave Blanks: Hey I’m Dave Blanks and this is my intern Liz Pope

    Liz Pope: Hi.

    Dave Blanks: What is your name?

    Mary Grace Beson: Mary Grace Beson.

    Dave Blanks: So it’s Constitution Week Mary Grace. Did you know that?

    Mary Grace Beson: I didn’t

    Dave Blanks: It’s cool. We can still be friends. I didn’t either. So in honor of Constitution Week the question I am asking students...you’re a student?

    Mary Grace Beson: Yep.

    Dave Blanks: What does we the people mean to you?

    Mary Grace Beson: To me it means us as citizens of the United States as a group I guess. All of us combined not singling out anyone and we are all equally the same in a group.

    Dave Blanks: All right well have a great Constitution Week.

    Mary Grace Beson: Thank you so much, Dave. I had to look at your nametag.

    Dave Blanks: That was good. I appreciate you using my name. It was nice to meet ya.

    Dave Blanks: Well the drums weren’t too loud. Wow they are feeling it!

    Liz Pope: Okay, how we doin?

    Dave Blanks: Oh we’re done. We’re done. I think those are all the answers we’re going to get today Liz.

    Liz Pope: We’re done a great job.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, I really feel like we got some good answers. Nobody got super angry. I thought I might run into someone who would really vent.

    Liz Pope: I know I think we had the most politically charged answers toward the beginning.

    Dave Blanks: Well that’s true. Well, we started out near the Political Science classes. Right?

    Liz Pope: What a correlation!

    Dave Blanks: Right? Isn’t that a correlation?

    Liz Pope: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Well everyone have a happy Constitution Week. Liz, have a great Constitution Week.

    Liz Pope: Thank you, Dave. You have a great Constitution Week.

    Dave Blanks: Thank you. I will. I’m Dave Blanks and this has been Dave by the Bell.