Dave by the Bell: What's Your Happy Song?

University Communications' favorite interruption, Dave Blanks and UComm intern Alyssa Rodriguez, interview unsuspecting Appalachian students to discover their go-to "happy song."


  • Dave Blanks: So, on this Dave by the Bell, we're going to be discussing music that always makes you happy. What's the one song that you could always play that will make you feel better? And we were just listening to Foster The People.

    [A song by Foster The People plays in the background]

    Chris Grulke: Woo!

    Dave Blanks: “Worst Nites” — that's a good song. Alyssa, did you pick that?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yes, that was me. That was me.

    Dave Blanks: Alyssa is here, our intern, and also Chris Grulke, who works in University Communications. So Chris, what is your song that always makes you feel better?

    Chris Grulke: Wow, I didn't think I was going to get put on the spot here.

    Dave Blanks: You're getting put on the spot.

    Chris Grulke: I would say ... “Naive Melody,” Talking Heads.

    Dave Blanks: Oh, the Talking Heads. Give me a taste of that. (A Talking Heads song plays) Hey Chris, that was a good choice. Thank you for sharing.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Dave, what song makes you happy?

    Dave Blanks: The song that always makes me happy? I got to go with a-ha, "Take On Me," (the song “Take On Me” begins to play) cause every time I ...

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, every time I hear that song, it just makes me really super pleased.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: This is mine. Play it. Yeah, that's mine.

    Dave Blanks: How does it start out? ’Cause you have to … you have to … it starts out like this (the song “Walking on Sunshine” plays). It’s “Walking on Sunshine”?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Yes!

    Dave Blanks: That's a good selection.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: It is.

    Dave Blanks: That’s classic.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: It's a good one.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, yeah for sure. '80's. Let's find out what Appalachian State students listen to when they wanna get happy.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: When they wanna get happy.

    [The song “Come on Get Happy” plays]

    Dave Blanks: Come on, get happy.

    Dave Blanks: Hey, excuse me. I'm Dave. I work with Alyssa; she's actually our intern. I do a podcast called Dave By the Bell ...

    Jared Mark: I'm very familiar with Dave by the Bell.

    Dave Blanks: Oh cool! Awesome! All right, excellent. So, would you mind answering my lighthearted question?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: You're gonna like this one.

    Jared Mark: I'm ready [crosstalk 00:02:27].

    Dave Blanks: OK cool. OK, what is your name?

    Jared Mark: Jared Mark.

    Dave Blanks: What is the one go-to, like happy song that you have?

    Jared Mark: Probably “Happy” by Pharrell.

    Dave Blanks: Oh yeah. Well, everybody knows how that one goes. So can you give me just a little taste of "Happy" by Pharrell?

    Jared Mark: (singing) ’Cause I'm happy (the song “Happy” by Pharrell plays). That's a good groove, right?

    Dave Blanks: All right. That's nice. I appreciate your answer. All right, excellent choice.

    Chris Grulke: Thanks, Jared.

    Jared Mark: Thank you. I appreciate it.

    Dave Blanks: All right. Have a good day. OK. We're in the Student Union.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Bustling.

    Dave Blanks: It usually is pretty busy.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Bustling.

    Dave Blanks: There's people.

    Maria Swords: I'm Maria Swords.

    Dave Blanks: Hey, Maria Swords. So, is there one particular go-to song for you right now that you could listen to and be like, "Wow, OK. I feel better. All is right with the world”?

    Maria Swords: "High Hopes" is a pretty fun song.

    Dave Blanks: Like Sinatra?

    Maria Swords: No. Panic at the Disco.

    Dave Blanks: OK. Not Sinatra at all. Oh, OK. Well, is it have anything to do with the “High Hopes” original like Frank Sinatra song?

    Maria Swords: I'm not familiar with that song.

    Dave Blanks: High apple pie in the sky hopes? Is there a line that speaks about apple pie? Well, how does it go? Can you give me like just the start of it? Just a start. Just a little taste of it.

    Maria Swords: It's like, “I got high hopes for livin'. I got high, high, hopes.” (the song “High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco plays)

    Dave Blanks: I like it.

    Maria Swords: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: All right, good. Thanks for sharing, very much. I really appreciate that.

    Matthew Craine: I'm Matthew Craine. First thing that comes to mind is Tupac.

    Dave Blanks: Tupac.

    Matthew Craine: Just about any Tupac.

    Dave Blanks: Tupac's got some pretty heavy stuff.

    Matthew Craine: Probably “California” ...

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, “California Love.”

    Matthew Craine: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: All right. How's that start out? Can you remember? Give me a taste. Just a taste.

    Matthew Craine: No, I can't do it.

    Dave Blanks: It's like this. (the song “California Love” by Tupac plays) That was an excellent selection, Matthew. Thank you.

    Matthew Craine: Yeah, no problem man. I appreciate it.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, yeah. Hey, if people want to get well, Matthew, where would they go to here at Appalachian State?

    Matthew Craine: You go right over here to Wellness and Prevention Services. It's right behind the Student Union.

    Dave Blanks: So, if you're feeling bummed out, and a song doesn't do the trick for you, you can talk to somebody here at App at the Miles Annas Building?

    Matthew Craine: Absolutely.

    Dave Blanks: Or check out wellness.appstate.edu, right?

    Matthew Craine: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: OK, cool.

    Brittany C.: My name is Brittany Chesney.

    Dave Blanks: Well, nice to meet you Brittany Chesney. So, you heard my question to Matthew, and you checked your phone.

    Brittany C.: OK. So, this is kind of lame, but "Nice For What" by Drake. If you're like feeling, like … really it is; it makes me feel better. I feel like ...

    Dave Blanks: So let's let everybody hear that. OK?

    Brittany C.: OK.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah. How does that sound?

    Brittany C.: It sounds great. (the song "Nice For What" by Drake plays)

    Dave Blanks: Have a good day.

    Speaker 9: All right, have a great day.

    Dave Blanks: Thanks a lot.

    Lauren Rowe: I'm Lauren Rowe.

    Dave Blanks: OK. Lauren, what is your happy song, Lauren? And you can take a second to think about it.

    Lauren Rowe: It's not a popular one. It's called "Fool In The Rain" by Led Zeppelin, and it's one of like their more poppy songs instead of like their hardcore rock songs. And it’s nice turn to it on. And it's about dancing in the rain. So I think it's cute.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: It is.

    Dave Blanks: Awesome. How does it start out? Can you give me just a taste of how it starts out, like the instrumental?

    Lauren Rowe: I really can't.

    Dave Blanks: OK. Can you give me a countdown, Lauren?

    Lauren Rowe: OK. Three. Two. One.

    Dave Blanks: Hit it. (the song Fool In The Rain" by Led Zeppelin plays) Thanks, Lauren.

    Lauren Rowe: Yeah, awesome. [inaudible 00:08:27]

    Dave Blanks: You too. I appreciate it.

    Jaelyn Cureton: My name is Jaelyn Cureton.

    Dave Blanks: OK. Jaelyn. So what is your go-to happy song?

    Jaelyn Cureton: My go-to is by Childish Gambino. It's off his “Because the Internet” album. The one, it's called “Urn,” but it has like Roman numerals, and I don't remember the Roman numeral, but it's called Urn.

    Dave Blanks: How does it start out?

    Jaelyn Cureton: It's like ... it's him singing, which is like, it's, I'd never knew he could sing before. And then like a couple of years later, he comes out with the singing out.

    Dave Blanks: Super talented.

    Jaelyn Cureton: So, whenever I'm in a bad mood, that song's just ... it's like one minute, but of him singing, but it's like one of the most peaceful, most relaxing things I listen to.

    Dave Blanks: Let's listen to it. (the song “Urn” by Childish Gambino plays) Thank you for sharing.

    Jaelyn Cureton: No problem. Thank you.

    Dave Blanks: Would you like to answer my question?

    Bianca B.: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: OK, cool. So, what is your name?

    Bianca B.: Bianca Bortoluzzi.

    Dave Blanks: OK. Bianca, is there a song that is on your mind right now or in your life right now that when you hear it, you're like, "Yes, this is my happy song. I'm feeling better already"?

    Bianca B.: Yeah, I do. Do you want me to say that?

    Dave Blanks: Yeah. Please. What is it? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

    Bianca B.: All right. So, it's kind of actually like a sad song, but to me, I like the melody and the tone of her voice, and that's Billie Eilish's "Ocean Eyes." (the song “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish plays) So that's probably my go-to. Just when I'm down, I listen to it and just her voice is very melodic and beautiful, and I just really enjoy it. So I listen to that.

    Dave Blanks: Cool. I haven't heard of Billie Eilish.

    Bianca B.: She's awesome. She's only 17. She came out on the scene when she was 16, and her new album’s dropping March 29th.

    Dave Blanks: All right. Awesome. Get it. Thank you, Bianca.

    Bianca B.: Thank you.

    Dave Blanks: All right, well thanks y'all.

    Hannah Bagli: I'm Hannah Bagli.

    Dave Blanks: So Hannah, do you have a go-to happy song that you could share with me and Alyssa?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: What's that happy song?

    Hannah Bagli: What's the song, like, "We built this city … "?

    Dave Blanks: (singing) We built this city …

    Hannah Bagli: Yeah. That one. Definitely.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah! Starship, for real?

    Hannah Bagli: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Yes. Awesome. That is some cheesy goodness. All right, so let's have a listen to that right now. (the song “We Built This City” by Starship plays) Hannah, that really hits the spot.

    Hannah Bagli: Thank you so much.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, absolutely. I'm impressed you knew that song.

    Hannah Bagli: Everybody knows that song.

    Dave Blanks: Well, I don't know. It's kind of ...

    Hannah Bagli: Everybody knows that song.

    Dave Blanks: ... it's a little dated.

    Charles Funnel: I'm Charles Funnel.

    Dave Blanks: OK. Charles, do you have a go-to song that's like, when you hear this song, you are gonna feel better? You're gonna feel happy?

    Charles Funnel: Yes.

    Dave Blanks: You do?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Oh, you already know.

    Dave Blanks: Right off the bat. He's got it. OK, so what is it?

    Charles Funnel: I mean, I don't know if people know it. Probably don't know it.

    Dave Blanks: We'll play a little for them. Hold on. What is it?

    Charles Funnel: It's called “Starstruck.” It's by a guy named Lucki.

    Dave Blanks: OK.

    Charles Funnel: L-U-C-K-I.

    Dave Blanks: How does it start? Can you give me just a taste of how it starts out?

    Charles Funnel: (singing) I've seen too many faces, we're starstruck … (the song “Starstruck” by Lucki plays)

    Dave Blanks: Charles. Thank you so much. I appreciate you sharing.

    Charles Funnel: No problem.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah. Have a good day. I met this guy. Hey, excuse me.

    Unwilling Student: Yeah.

    Dave Blanks: Hi.

    Unwilling Student: Hi, I got to get to a class.

    Dave Blanks: OK. I was just going to tell you, have a good day.

    Unwilling Student: Thanks.

    Dave Blanks: All right. That's not what I was going to tell him. That was a lie.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Don't do that. It's better. We need to get somebody right by the building.

    Dave Blanks: Well, we could talk to somebody just coming out of the building.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Right here.

    Dave Blanks: Hey, does anybody not have class right this moment? They can answer a quick question?

    Eli Scheer: I can answer.

    Dave Blanks: You can. OK, cool.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Good.

    Eli Scheer: I'm Eli Scheer.

    Dave Blanks: So, do you have a go-to happy song?

    Eli Scheer: Do you know the song "The Girl from Ipanema"?

    Dave Blanks: Tall and Tan and long and lovely. The girl from Ipanema goes walking. And when she passes, each one she passes goes …

    Eli Scheer: Am I supposed to be singing?

    Dave Blanks: You're not doing it.

    Eli Scheer: I'm not singing.

    Dave Blanks: But seriously, “The Girl from Ipanema” is like your go-to happy song? How do you know this is “The Girl from Ipanema”? How do you know this song?

    Eli Scheer: Actually it was like Spotify recommended João Gilberto and Stan Getz.

    Dave Blanks: Yes. Dude, that version is so great. Have you listened to “Corcovado”?

    Eli Scheer: Yes, I have listened to “Corcovado.”

    Dave Blanks: Dude, “Corcovado” is excellent.

    Eli Scheer: That full album, the Stan Getz/Gilberto album is a very good album.

    Dave Blanks: That's cool man. Great selection. Thanks, Eli.

    Eli Scheer: Yeah.

    [A song from the album “Corcovado” plays]

    Cameron Hunter: I'm Cameron Hunter.

    Dave Blanks: Cameron. So what is your go-to happy song?

    Cameron Hunter: "Go The Distance" from “Hercules.”

    Dave Blanks: “Go The Distance” from “Hercules.” All right. How does it start? Can you give me just a taste of the start?

    Cameron Hunter: (singing) I have often dreamed, of a far off place, where a hero's welcome will be waiting for me. (the song “Go The Distance” from the Disney movie “Hercules” plays)

    Dave Blanks: Thank you for your answer. I appreciate it.

    Cameron Hunter: Thank you for asking. I'm happy.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah, yeah. Well good. So you're already in a better mood?

    Cameron Hunter: Mm-mm (affirmative).

    Dave Blanks: Well, awesome. I am too. OK. So we've gotten it all. I really feel like we've gotten a super sweet playlist. Yeah. A wide variety of songs.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Very much variation.

    Dave Blanks: Do you feel happier?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I'm happier.

    Dave Blanks: Yeah. I feel happier.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I'm going to go listen to the happy playlist right now.

    Dave Blanks: Let's do it. What song are you listening to first?

    Alyssa Rodriguez: I'm gonna listen to "Walking On Sunshine," personally.

    Dave Blanks: That was your song.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: Exactly. It makes me happy.

    Dave Blanks: I'm going to listen to Childish Gambino. Yeah, yeah. Well, that was fun. Thanks for joining me, Alyssa.

    Alyssa Rodriguez: You're welcome.

    Dave Blanks: All right. I'm Dave Blanks, and this has been Dave by the Bell.