How will Appalachian State University define itself?

Under the guidance of the University of North Carolina’s strategic plan for 2013-18, we are developing a strategic plan that will guide the institution’s vision, mission and service to the people of North Carolina. We want to continue along a progressive path, which improves the student experience and creates an educated citizenry. Our students represent our future, and we believe the strategic plan will serve as the roadmap for continued excellence.

With input from the campus community and beyond, Appalachian’s University Planning and Priorities Council (UPPC) is leading the process for planning the strategic direction of Appalachian for 2014-19. The 32-member UPPC has been meeting since September 2012 to identify the priorities for the new strategic plan.

We are utilizing a mode of input-gathering called appreciative inquiry, which involves discovering institutional strengths through creative conversations. These conversations focus on what people within the organization are doing well and on how they are achieving excellence.

The university’s strategic plan will include elements of our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), which is a key component of our accreditation process.

Transparency is critical to the success of a solid and inspirational strategic plan. Stay up to date on our progress here:


Timeline and Process for Development of Appalachian’s 2014-19 Strategic Plan. Sept. 2012: UPPC Work Begins. Jan-Feb 2013: Strategic Planning Survey. June - Sept 2013: Feedback Regarding Mission, Vision, Core Values. June - Nov 2013 - Strategic Planning Coffees. Oct. - Nov. 2013 - Web Portal for Commments.